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KOF Event 2024 K Gusion All Patterns


KOF Event 2024 K Gusion All Patterns: The KOF Mobile Legends skin is once again available, so if you didn’t obtain it the previous year, here is your chance to attempt and do so.

KOF Event 2023 K Gusion All Patterns

Then Remember, though, that fulfilling specific patterns will get you access to this skin. The patterns that may be employed when sketching in this KOF Event 2024 K Gusion are what we’ll talk about here.

KOF Event 2024 K Gusion:

Regarding K Gusion, KOF Event 2024. King of Fighters, Moonton’s collaborative partner in planning this event, is known by the initials KOF. Players may obtain the official King of Fighters skin during this event.

The K Gusion event for the KOF Event 2024 is accessible from January through February.

Moonton will provide the event task with KOF bingo tickets to be utilized in the KOF event draw when a KOF event takes place.

KOF Event 2024 K Gusion All Patterns:

Furthermore, after 10 drawings, you can receive epic and even limited edition skins.KOF skins are available for characters such as Ginevra, Chou, Gusion, Aurora, Dyroth, and Karina.

This year’s KOF Event 2024 K Gusion event follows the same gacha bingo style as last, thus there aren’t many differences. It indicates that you must have a pattern in order to win the grand prize. Unfortunately, the patterns are so dissimilar that some players struggle to comprehend them.

Here are the Mobile Legends event’s KOF Event 2024 K Gusion All Patterns for those of you who desire to obtain KOF skins. The 2024 KOF K Gusion All Patterns. Please take note that this KOF design is made up of three to six motifs.

In this KOF event, the fewer patterns you have, the luckier you are.

KOF K Gusion All Patterns List:


  • 5-8-2


  • 8-4-7-9
  • 5-4-1-6
  • 1-4-2-7
  • 6-2-3-9
  • 1-3-5-9


  • 3-6-4-2-9

KOF Event 2023 K Gusion All Patterns

KOF Gusion All of the Patterns we mentioned are just half correct. Only a small percentage of these are likely to be correct.

Now that you’re comfortable with the KOF pattern, it’s time to redraw. It is quite OK to try each of the aforementioned patterns as your first step towards obtaining the KFO K Gusion All Patterns skin. Yes, best wishes. So that’s basically what we’re discussing this time.

We really hope you understand what we stated and found it useful.

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