Sea Shanty Dead Space Remake – How to Unlock

Sea Shanty Dead Space Remake: A gamer of the Dead Space Remake finds a special Easter egg buried within the game that unlocks a sea chantey concerning the Marker and the USG Ishimura.

Sea Shanty Dead Space Remake
Sea Shanty Dead Space Remake

EA Motive’s efforts have allowed the Dead Space franchise to resume after a protracted absence. The game builds upon the premise and plot of the first Visceral Games game by adding new side quests, more backstory, and a more developed sense of world building.

Sea Shanty Dead Space Remake:

Even though Dead Space isn’t an exact replica of the original game, many fans still appreciate the upgrades and modifications.

Players have also unintentionally engaged in activity in addition to concealed secrets. One Dead Space player found a bug using the Pulse Rifle’s secondary firing that makes it possible to pick up and sell the goods.

However, adding an upgrade node entirely replenishes the weapon, allowing them to keep selling it while also resetting the upgrade route and inserting the node once again to repeat the cycle.

The extra money may be used to buy more upgrade nodes, giving players access to strong upgrades before the system intends to make them be available.

Along with using the Frostbite technology to improve Dead Space’s aesthetics and further immerse players within the cramped USG Ishimura. changes also were made to several of the less well-liked gameplay elements, such the gun and Zero-G zones.

Along with a homage to the game’s former founder Glen Schofield and a hidden ending. EA Motive also used the occasion to include some of their own mysteries and Easter eggs. One astute fan, nevertheless, appears to have found a special audio log.

Where to Find Sea Shanty Dead Space Remake:

Due to the location of the Sea Shanty Audio Log’s unlocking room on the Ishimura’s Bridge segment of the Dead Space Remake. Players may access it quite early in the game. The whole area surrounding Chapter 4 should be accessible to you.

Following this, proceed to the Main Atrium area. And take the elevator in the room’s middle all the way to the third level.

Sea Shanty Dead Space Remake
Sea Shanty Dead Space Remake

When there, move forward and turn to your right while following the wall. This will take you along a corridor that is straight before turning left. When you reach the end of the corridor, turn right and look for the break room in a room there.

Go inside the Break Room when you arrive there. After then. You’ll see a red circle on the floor with candles around it. And a video of a Pointer playing ahead of it.

As soon as you enter the circle. Be sure to use the following commands in the correct order while still inside the circle: melee, stomp, melee, stomp, melee, stomp.

The Sea Shanty Audio Log will then emerge. And the screen that is now showing a Marker will flash red in response.

The Ishimura crew members will then lyrically describe the events that took place aboard the ship in the Log. Which you may collect.

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