GUSION K’ BINGO PATTERN MLBB: The article discusses the GUSION K’ BINGO PATTERN MLBB, discussing the Kof event 2024, including recharge, phase 1, phase 2, and bonus tokens. It also discusses new skins, patterns, and Mlbb x Kof 2024, all available in Official Panda.


The MLBB Gusion K’ Bingo Pattern MLBB event has begun, offering players the chance to unlock new mythic and epic skins, including legendary ones, in Mobile Legends Bang Bang 2024. The event will have two phases and is challenging to find. The kof bingo event patterns will help players overcome this challenge, as they will provide a more efficient way to access these new skins.


Players are curious about the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang x King of Fighters Patterns for the 2024 encore event, as there are theories suggesting that the Bingo numbers in minigames can be predicted based on previous pulls. However, recent reports have shown inconsistent MLBB x KoF Patterns, suggesting Moonton may have altered the draw event and Bingo minigame work.

The task involves creating horizontal, vertical, and diagnol lines for the MLBB x Kof  event, featuring the Gusion K’ skin and the best Kof patterns.


KOF Event new patterns 2024

  1. 924
  2. 51236
  3. 653816
  4. 29146
  5. 51279
  6. 8479
  7. 653817
  8. 546
  9. 3789
  10. 582
  11. 86913
  12. 8479
  13. 1-4-6-3-9
  14. 6-4-2-1-5
  15. 4-9-7-1-5
  16. 3-9-7-1-5
  17. 5-2-4-1-6
  18. 3-2-7-4-5
  19. 7-8-2-3-5
  20. 2-8-7-4-5
  21. 5-1-8-3-9
  22. 4-6-2-7-1
  23. 3-2-7-4-5
  24. 3-1-6-4-2
  25. 5-2-4-1-6
  26. 3-1-8-5-7
  27. 3-2-7-4-5
  28. 6-5-3-8-1-7
  29. 5-4-2-3-9-7
  30. 1-3-4-5-8-6
  31. 6-5-7-9-2-3
  32. 3-5-8-9-4-2
  33. 3-6-2-4-7-5
  34. 4-6-2-3-8-7-9
  35. 4-7-8-2-3-6-1
  36. 2-6-4-8-9-1-3
  37. 3-8-2-6-7-4-9
  38. 2-1-4-6-9-8-7

KOF Event 2024

You may all presently finish the MLBB kof event bingo game for 2024 with these patterns. Additionally accessible right now are the Kof Event Bonus Tokens and all Kof Event Patterns 2024. You may all also claim some special skins with the assistance of the Kof Bingo Event Gusion K’ pattern.

In MLBB, the kof event recharge also facilitates your ability to choose crystals and pieces. Through this new MLBB bingo event, skins from both the Kof Event Phase 1 and Phase 2 are presently available.

FOF Event new skins 2024

The event, participants in Mobile Legends KOF may select from a variety of skins. During the KOF event, Karina “Leona” skins are available, giving off a fierce military attitude with a black sando and gloves. During the event, Chou “Iori Yagami” skin—which has flaming red hair and an unusual outfit—will be available.

there will be Guinevere “Athena Asamiya” skins available, which have a bright high school pop idol style with purple hair and a stylish red headband. the event, Gusion ‘K’ skin will be available; it exudes a fierce, gang leader vibe when paired with tight leather trousers and a black leather jacket that reads ‘A Beast of Prey’ on the back.

Dyrroth “Orochi Chris” skin will be on sale. It has a dark, ominous atmosphere with flames on his hands and a short dark pink shirt over black. Throughout the event, Aurora “Kula Diamond” skin will be accessible, with certain objectives, challenges, and opportunities to purchase.

These skins may be obtained by players by triggering the bingo, with a 30% discount on the first ten drawings. The last skin, Aurora “Kula Diamond,” costs 6075 gems and is accessible during the event.

KOF Event Phase 1 and Phase 2

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will have its return of the King of Fighters (KOF) event, which will include well-known characters from the game. In addition to utilising diamonds or tokens to complete tasks and earn extra prizes from a bingo game, players may gather exclusive skins.

MLBB is offering a new kof event bingo game for 2024, featuring all 2024 patterns and bonus tokens. The gusion K’ pattern allows exclusive skins claim, while the kof event recharge allows for fragment and crystal picks. Both phase 1 and phase 2 skins are available.

MLBB x KOF 2024

The initial number roll of the event determines the MLBB x KoF patterns for the 2024 encore event. Only after ten draws from the Mobile Legends x King of Fighters joint event may players obtain a bingo number.

When a bingo line is finished, the event gives priority to limited-edition skins, thus if a player doesn’t already have every featured skin, they will at least win one. The MLBB x KoF Patterns for 2024 encore event is not a reliable source for bingo number predictions, thus players should proceed with caution when using this information.


Who is Gatotkaca based on?

The foundation of Gatotkaca is Bharatayuddha, a Javanese rendition of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. Wayang, a traditional Javanese shadow puppet theatre, is the source of inspiration for Is Yuniarto, the creator of the Garudayana.

What is Gatotkaca passive?

Up to 100 Rage is gain for each 300 damage  that he has taken. Gatotkaca’s next Basic Attack gains power when he reaches above 25 Rage. Using all of his Rage to heal and deliver more damage. The additional damage is proportionate to his level, magic power, and rage.

Who is Nolan in MLBB?

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Nolan, the Cosmic Wayfinder, is a heroic character. He was made available as a part of MLBB’s 7th Anniversary and Project NEXT 2023.

What is starlight in ML?

A monthly task point system called Starlight Member, or just Starlight, allows gamers to advance in accumulating starlight points. Which may use to unlock goodies.


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