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MLBB Christmas Event Latest Update 2024, Release Date and More


In the last month of MLBB Christmas Event, 2024 will get an update that will offer players a variety of skins, events, and surprises. The Mistbenders event stands out among all the exciting things because it offers the chance to get a non-belonging epic skin and a new set of skins.

MLBB Christmas Event
MLBB Christmas Event

What’s New on MLBB Christmas Event 2023

Arlott’s Glowing Skin: The Hell of Hell

Cherished warrior Arlott will accept his new Starlight skin “Anger of the Deep” this December. “Ire of the Deep” and “Scorn of the Deep” are the names of the two skins painted on the skin. In addition to their attractive appearance, the skins feature interesting skill effects.

Joy’s Elite Skin

Joy, the executioner, is also expected to be revealed next month. “Royal Protector” is the name of the skin wherein Joy is dressed in a majestic ensemble of royal blue, brilliant highlights, and elaborate decorations. The cost of the skin is 599 gems. However, there will be a discount during the first week of introduction.

MLBB Christmas Event 2024 Harith’s Christmas Skin

To commemorate the looming season, Harith will get a new Christmas-themed skin on December 13. The skin will cost 749 diamonds. However, there will be a 30% discount during launch week, allowing you to purchase it for 529 diamonds.

Special Benefits

Purchasing the Starlight Pass (standard or premium) will also give you access to additional benefits, such as a trail impact, sacred monuments, emotes, and special painted skin.

Upcoming MLBB Christmas Event 2023

Mistbenders Event

Start Date: December ninth, 2023

Mistbenders Skins: Aldous, Nana

Rewards: Recall Effects, Emotes, Avatar Borders, and more.

Since the event-exclusive skins would similarly cost 1,200 shields, the structure of the event would also be very similar to the as-of-late concluded Neobeasts skin series. Additionally, through a fortunate draw during the event, players will actually want to obtain various tiers of additional skins, such as basic, elite, special, or even epic skins. Players on a strict budget can also choose to purchase the Restricted Epic Box or the Epic Skin Box, which guarantees an epic skin with no proprietor for its content.

Grand Collection MLBB Christmas Event 2023

Start Date: December third, 2023

Collector Skins: Valentina – “Celestial Judicator”

During the MLBB Christmas Event 2024 in December, players will have the option to choose between the two available collector skins, instead of getting the Valentina skin. Among the skins are:

  • Sun “Evil Flame” Collector Skin
  • Khufra “Volcanic Master” Collector Skin
MLBB x Attack On Titan New Collaboration Details Upcoming Event
MLBB Christmas Event


How would I get an MLBB redemption code?

Presently go to the corresponding code redemption page on the Portable Legends website. In the Game ID field, enter your ID and snap “Submit.” Presently the Portable Legends app should show you an in-game message containing a code. All you have to do is reorder it into the “Verification Code” box on the website.

What number of diamonds are in the exorcist’s skin?

(Amounts incorporate some calculations) In the worst-case scenario, you will get an average of 5626 diamonds for every skin assuming you draw with the 10x draw and without using reload events.

How might I get free MLBB diamonds 2024?

In MLBB you can also get free diamonds by sponsoring tournaments. Fans habitually get free diamonds, skins, and other in-game goodies from various esports league sponsors.

Discount codes: what are they?

A redemption code is an electronic code that must be placed to obtain gift vouchers, bonus points or other promotional offers. tracked down in three SEC documents. A redemption code is an electronic code required to reclaim gift vouchers or other promotional incentives.

Can MLBB diamonds be discounted?

To start the discount cycle, use the connection beneath to contact the game’s client assistant. Generously note that if you have proactively used your jewels, your precious stone balance will be negative after a viable discount and you can not get to specific game modes or certain items until you have settled the negative sum.

What are pins for Versatile Legends?

The prepaid digital code known as Versatile Legends Diamonds Pin allows players to add more in-game acknowledgments, also known as Diamonds, for Portable Legends. Users can customize their characters and access exclusive content using Versatile Legends diamonds. Give your legend useful accessories like skins, passes, prizes, and substantially more.


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