MLBB x Attack On Titan New Collaboration Details Upcoming Event

MLBB x Attack On Titan: A rumour about a possible partnership between the two is beginning to surface, which is interesting news for fans of Attack on Titan (AOT) and players of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Is there really going to be a collaboration between Attack on Titan and Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB)?

MLBB x Attack On Titan New Collaboration Details Upcoming Event
MLBB x Attack On Titan New Collaboration Details Upcoming Event

It was discovered through a Facebook leak from a leaker account with the alias ML Prime – Mobile Legend Bang Bang  that this joint event will be announced in 2024. This quickly became a popular topic of discussion among the MLBB community.

MLBB x Attack On Titan collaboration

A number of MLBB heroes will get exclusive skins featuring Attack on Titan characters as part of this much-anticipated collaboration. Players already know some intriguing things, despite Moonton’s public denials. Levi Ackerman will play Martis, Eren Yaeger will play Yin, and Mikasa Ackerman will play Fanny.

Although some fans voiced reservations, particularly over Yin’s selection—she already possesses the Jujutsu Kaisen skin—the information leak caused a great deal of excitement among the public. How Moonton will display the Levi Ackerman skin on Martis is another matter that raises questions.

The collaboration’s most eye-catching feature is Fanny’s acquisition of the Mikasa skin. This is understandable considering that Fanny’s gameplay features are akin to those of the troops in Attack on Titan, including cables and guns that resemble the anime’s vertical movement accessories.

What can you Expect this Collab to MLBB and Attack on Titan

Popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan, written by Hajime Isayama, depict a world in which humans must defend itself against enormous humanoid monsters known as Titans. MLBB players could expect a fresh experience from this partnership, complete with a suspenseful and enigmatic plot.

MLBB x Attack On Titan New Collaboration Details Upcoming Event
MLBB x Attack On Titan New Collaboration Details Upcoming Event

Although there hasn’t been an official confirmation as of yet, MLBB players and fans should keep an eye out for additional details as they become available. Regardless, if this partnership materialises, it will be a monumental event in the mobile gaming industry that is well worth the wait.

The post states that Fanny as Mikasa Ackerman, Yin as Eren Yaeger, and Martis as Levi Ackerman are the heroes that will receive the limited-edition skins. It’s time to find out when the Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan partnership event might launch. On the other hand, the message hinted that it might be revealed in 2024.

Numerous admirers expressed their excitement over the collaborative occasion that was disclosed. Some fans, particularly Yin who already owns a Jujutsu Kaisen skin, expressed their doubts about the heroes chosen to receive the skin, though. How Moonton would apply the Levi Ackerman skin on Martis is another question that some fans have.


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Since each season in the game is known to run for three months, the seasons will change in the game every three months, as shown by the notification in the game.

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The support role’s responsibility is to assist and shield allies in need. It is your responsibility to protect or heal them, to tank some damage, or to give your life in order to preserve the lives of others.

What is the Japanese name for Attack on Titan?

Hajime Isayama is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan.

How long is a MLBB match?

The match is typically determined by playing multiple games because the individual maps or games are short. Furthermore, wagering on Mobile Legends matches allows you to wager on each and every game.


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