Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle! Know how to Solve

In this Article we will tell you how you can solve the Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle. Toward the finish of section 3, subsequent to entering Adas loft, she will request that you get her examination by finishing a puzzle.

 Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle! Know how to Solve

However, begin by taking a gander at the paper on the table in the room, then connect with the close by painting, trailed by taking a gander at the images on the polyhedrals spread around the room. Lastly matching up the images and shapes on the lock. Go into the mystery room and associate with the scratch pad for the accomplishment.

How to Solve Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle?

Ok, the Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle is a maze of images, polyhedrons, and mysterious murmurs. Enticing the inquisitive swashbuckler inside you. 

Worry not, brave adventurers, for this guide will turn into your light in the Helios Exploration Station’s dusty shadows, assisting you with opening Ada’s secret examination and guarantee the “Extravagant Computations” accomplishment.

What’s on Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle?

An Ensemble of Images: To begin with, gather your brains and make a beeline for Ada’s condo. Settled inside this craftsmanship deco sanctuary, you’ll view as a table embellished with an exceptional paper and a few wooden shapes, each recorded with weird images. This, old buddy, is the core of the puzzle.

The Language of Helios: The images on the paper, known as the “Helios Glyphs,” hold the way to grasping the polyhedrons. Every glyph compares to a particular shape and a particular component. Take a full breath, translate the glyphs on the paper, and match them to the shapes on the table.

A Dance of Light and Shadow: Presently, make a beeline for the contrary wall. There, in the midst of the classic banners and smooth furnishings, you’ll track down a peculiar contraption with two dials – one associated with the shapes on the table, the other to a progression of lights. This, old buddy, is the extension between your allowances and Ada’s secrets.

 Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle! Know how to Solve

What are the Hidden Secrets in Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle?

Opening the Vault: Turn the dials, matching the glyph/shape mixes you unraveled before. Watch the lights as they glimmer and dance, an orchestra of code making an interpretation of your comprehension into activity. In the event that you’ve deciphered the code, a wonderful snap will reverberate through the room, and a secret compartment in the contraption will spring open.

Deference, Accomplishment, and Ada’s Inheritance: Inside the compartment, you’ll track down Ada’s secret exploration journal, a demonstration of her splendor and assurance. Open it, retain its disclosures, and relax in the warm sparkle of the “Extravagant Estimations” accomplishment. You’ve vanquished the Ada Room Puzzle, demonstrating your brains deserving of Helios’ most prominent researcher.

Persistence is an ideals: Don’t get deterred in the event that the puzzle doesn’t uncover its secrets on the principal attempt. Take as much time as necessary, notice cautiously, and trust your allowances.

What to Know before Solving the Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle?

Subtleties matter: Each image, each shape, each flash of light holds a hint. Try not to ignore the apparently irrelevant.

Ada’s soul lives on: Your prosperity inside the Ada Room Puzzle respects her inheritance. Let her interest and logical energy guide you on your own experiences.


1.What number of sections are close to the sun?

10 sections

Interactivity. Close to the Sun is a frightfulness experience game played from a first-individual viewpoint. During the range of 10 parts, the interactivity comprises of getting keys to open entryways, settling puzzles, and tracking down collectibles, all while getting a knowledge into the lives on the Helios.

2.What is the story of the game close to the sun?

In the game, the player directs a writer named Rose Bowman, who tries to save her sister, Ada. Set in a substitute reality in 1897, the two conspicuous inventors Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison battle for mechanical power on the globe.

3.Is close to the sun a frightful game?

Close to the Sun is a loathsome game that happens toward the finish of nineteenth hundred years on a baffling boat complex made by Nikola Tesla for information.

 Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle! Know how to Solve


Thus, go forward, adventurers. The Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle anticipates, promising a scholarly roller coaster and a piece of Helios’ secret history. May your psyche be sharp, your eyes insightful, and your hunger for information insatiable. Keep in mind, in the maze of secrets, the most valiant track down the best fortunes.

Wherever, continue to investigate the Helios Exploration Station. Past the Ada Room Puzzle, stowed away secrets and fascinating legend anticipate the people who try to dig further into the shadows of Nikola Tesla’s utopia. Be a criminal investigator, be a researcher, be a swashbuckler. The secrets of Close to the Sun are yours to unwind.

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