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Revelation Cards in HSR! Characters and Different Features Check Out


In this Article we will tell you how you can find Revelation Cards in HSR. The Revelation Cards in Honkai Star Rail are essential for the Fable of the Stars web occasion. Played in an internet browser, the occasion highlights Dark Swan reading a player’s fortune, using these cards like a tarot deck.

The Revelation cards in HSR are picked haphazardly to offer players a reading on how well they’ll do in 2024. A portion of the inquiries players can pose include whether they’ll find love, further develop their vocation possibilities or absolutely get great pulls in-game.

 Revelation Cards in HSR! Characters and Different Features Check Out

What’s on Revelation Cards in HSR?

The Revelation Cards in Honkai Star Rail procured through these fortunes will acquire players Heavenly Jades. Sharing copy cards with other players will offer players the opportunity to win a scope of prizes including iPhones and mini coolers.

Honkai: Star Rail is accessible now on the PC, PS5 and cell phones. The Fable of the Stars occasion is running now until January 5, 2024.

Hello there, trailblazers, At any point feel like destiny needs somewhat of a mix? Then cast your look upon the shimmering stars, for the Fable of the Stars occasion has gotten back to Honkai Star Rail, bringing with it a deck of destiny known as the Revelation Cards.

Lock in, spacefaring companions, in light of the fact that these tarot-tastic treasures hold murmurs of your future, stowed away wishes, and perhaps a sprinkle of heavenly snickers.

How to Find Revelation Cards in HSR?

Dark Swan’s Gem Ball: Disregard gazing into dim puddles for this occasion, you get an up close and personal with Dark Swan, the baffling seer with a look that penetrates your actual soul.

Essentially click her precious stone ball (relax, it’s not manipulated, most likely) and she’ll pull five shimmering cards from the Revelation Deck, every one a brief look into your upcoming section.

From Fortune to Destiny: Be that as it may, these aren’t your grandmother’s dusty tarot cards, good gracious! Each card in the Revelation Deck portrays one of Honkai Star Rail’s adored characters, and the picture holds the way in to your fortune. 

Will you land Himeko’s red hot enthusiasm, Bronya’s frigid determination, or Jing Yuan’s unlimited interest? Each character murmurs an alternate prescience, from adoration sprouts to vocation lifts to, ideally, a few truly fortunate pulls in your next gacha roll.

 Revelation Cards in HSR! Characters and Different Features Check Out

What are the Features of Revelation Cards in HSR in Fables of the Stars Event?

Stars Shine More brilliant Together: No performance act at this cosmic festival! Sharing your cards with individual trailblazers opens extra blessings. Exchange copies with your companions.

Wherever, fill your index with a dazzling exhibit of heavenly bodies, and watch your Heavenly Jade stores twinkle as you open unique rewards and, surprisingly, a restricted version symbol. Keep in mind, cooperation makes the fortune-telling dream work.

A Toss of the dice, a Banquet for the Spirit: Regardless of whether the cards foresee a winning lottery ticket (however hello, never say never!), the Revelation Cards are a magnificent method for engaging with your number one characters and inject a touch of starlit eccentricity into your Honkai Star Rail venture. 

Thus, gather your companions, click that gem ball, and let the murmurs of the Revelation Cards guide you towards a future painted with starlight and giggling.

What are the Different Characters in Revelation Cards in HSR?

Keep in mind, trailblazers, Embrace the secret. Let the obscure tingle your expectation and partake in the perky soul of the occasion. Share the spotlight, Trading cards with your team adds a social layer and opens additional plunder. So spread the starlit abundance.

Try not to perspire the little stuff. Regardless of whether the cards foresee an infinite windfall, they’re a great method for connecting with the game and its characters.


1.What is the name of the female MC in Honkai Star Rail?


The player will pick either Stelle (female) or Caelus (male), alongside their Container Codename. The Trailblazer is obtained in the wake of completing the Trailblaze Mission Disorder in the Profound.

2.What is a Stellaron Honkai Star Rail?

According to Herta, Stellarons are a sort of lifeform with a unique property that tethers them to a certain Way or Age’s power. They answer the longings of the world to which it is tethered.

3.Who is the pink young lady in Honkai influence?

Rozaliya is a short young lady with long, somewhat spiky pink hair with bangs marginally cleared to one side and light blue eyes. She has a white and pink horn on the right half of her head and a white and pink tail that can be utilized as an extra appendage for her.

 Revelation Cards in HSR! Characters and Different Features Check Out


Presently go forward, trailblazers. Let the Revelation Cards in HSR illuminate your way, guide your desires, and perhaps stimulate your entertaining bone with a peculiar prediction or two. May the stars shine brilliantly on your undertakings, and may your future be pretty much as dazzling as the heavenly bodies themselves.

Watch out for exceptional missions and difficulties all through the occasion! Completing them can procure you additional Revelation Possibilities. Reward Heavenly Jades, and, surprisingly, an opportunity to win a few certifiable treats. Thus, investigate, take part, and let the Fable of the Stars. Sprinkle a bit of wizardry on your Honkai Star Rail insight.

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