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MLBB Skin Design Competition 2024 – Easy Guide


MLBB Skin Design Competition 2024: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has captivated millions of players across the world with its fascinating gameplay and attractive character skins.

MLBB routinely runs skin design challenges to better involve the ardent player community. In these competitions, gamers may showcase their artistic abilities by creating one-of-a-kind designs. Skins for their fave heroes that are unique. In this piece, we will discuss the excitement around MLBB‘s skin design competition. By delving into the game’s rules, awards, and how player invention influences it.

Moonton has launched the second Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin design competition. Participants can submit their ideas between July 15 and August 12, 2024. Each design will be assessed on a number of criteria, and the winner will have the opportunity to have their skin included to the game in 2024.

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mlbb skin design competition 2023
mlbb skin design competition 2023

There are also further categories with related awards. From July 15 through August 12, the designs can be submitted. Following the completion of the submission period, a first round of selection will be conducted, and the works that pass will be placed to a vote. From August 13 through August 28, the best designs will be chosen through a selection process.

All submissions will be assessed and chosen based on factors such as concepts, colours, costumes, overall impact, and so on. The top skins will be presented to a public vote from September 4 to 13, with the winner announced two weeks later. “Participation” prizes will be given to all skin design efforts that are eligible for voting.

MLBB Skin Design Competition winner Kadita:

As we all know, there are several new improvements to try in the Mobile Legends game. One example is a contest in which players may create Kadita’s skin in exchange for Mobile Legends diamond awards. This is part of the preparation for the fourth Skin Design Contest.

These events may be found in the “Event” option in the community part of the Mobile Legends game. There is a competition to create Kadita’s skin there. According to the event flyer, participants have the possibility to win diamonds and cash awards if they are the winner. If you’re a Mobile Legends player, you may enter the competition. This event is open to the public from June 15 through August 19, 2024.

Winners will be revealed when the contest time has concluded. This is an explanation of the possibility to earn free diamonds in Mobile Legends by designing Kadita’s skin. This explanation will help you better comprehend the Kadita skin design contest. What are your thoughts on this explanation?

MLBB 4th Skin Design Competition 2024:

MLBB is currently announcing the contest concept, which may include seasonal themes or specific hero-themed tournaments. Competitors provide creative direction to the theme, ensuring a unified arrangement of designs. Design Submission: Competitors create and submit skin designs based on the supplied theme.

They provide detailed artwork that shows the front, back, and sides of the recommended skin. In addition, any additional visuals or effects. Voting in the Community: MLBB regularly includes the player community into the competition by asking players to choose their preferred designs. This includes the neighbourhood and excites the participants. MLBB’s development team evaluates proposals based on their originality, visual appeal, feasibility, and how well they fit into the game’s plot and style.

The committee may also consider how popular the designs are in the community. Winners will be announced: Along with the winners, the best designs from the skin design competition are featured. These winners are usually rewarded with fantastic prizes, such as having their artwork made into an actual skin for the game.

MLBB Skin Survey Vote 2024: 

Of course, if you play the Mobile Legends game, you are aware of the different updates that continue to come in the game. This time, you can see about the design of the Mythic Faramis skin, which you may vote on later when you achieve Mythic rank. As shown this time, there will be three concepts for the Mythic Faramis skin, which you may vote on afterwards.

You can vote for some of these skins until June 4, 2024, when the results will be collected from the players. You may obtain it by voting and earning Mythic rank first, then claiming the voting award from the Mythic skin. That is an explanation for the vote for the Mythic Faramis skin in the Mobile Legends game this time. Of course, you may find out with this explanation, and what do you think about it, this time voting for the Mythic skin is exclusively for the Faramis hero?

MLBB Skin Design App:

To delete the programmed skin, navigate to the home screen and use the ZArchiver application. You must now browse to your mobile legends file. Click the top search icon, then look for which hero has the script. Simply type in the hero’s name, select all, and then remove it.

You must first click the three dots at the top and then pick the Multi-select option. Then, choose all by clicking double-check. The following step is to hold one and then click erase. After that, you must launch your Mobile Legends game. Let us now examine Karrie. As you can see, she turned into stone.

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