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MLBB Sanrio Event Phase 2 (ML) ! Free Elimination Effect


MLBB Sanrio Event Phase 2 Mobile Legends – Gamers from all around the world have been enchanted by the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Sanrio Event. Thanks to the charming fusion of the adored Sanrio characters and the well-known mobile game. A new surge of excitement, incentives, and surprises await MLBB players in Phase 2. Which builds on the success of Phase 1. We’ll go into great detail about Phase 2 of the MLBB Sanrio Event in this article, emphasising all the features, partnerships. Also, exclusive content that players can take advantage of.

MLBB Sanrio Event Phase 2 Mobile Legends
MLBB Sanrio Event Phase 2 Mobile Legends

MLBB Sanrio Event Phase 2 Mobile Legends

New Sanrio Heroes Unleashed

The MLBB Sanrio Event’s Phase 2 offers a new cast of Sanrio-inspired heroes to the Phase 1 lineup. These Sanrio-adorned heroes provide players with a distinctive and eye-catching gameplay experience. Characters with unique talents and abilities like Hello Kitty Angela, My Melody Zilong. Also, Cinnamoroll Miya are among those that players can unlock and select. With the advent of these charming protagonists, MLBB has a fresh sense of fun and charm that appeals to fans of Sanrio and MLBB equally.

Exclusive Skins and Customizations

As part of the MLBB Sanrio Event’s second phase, gamers may dress up their favourite heroes in adorable Sanrio-themed clothes. By using a variety of exclusive skins and customizations. The iconic Sanrio characters on these limited-edition skins give the battlefield a new aesthetic flair. Players can display their devotion to Sanrio while winning the game by adopting characters like Hello Kitty Lesley and Cinnamoroll Granger. Additionally, the competition provides a range of avatar frames, recall effects. Also, emotes for players to customise their in-game experience and differentiate themselves from other competitors.

Attractive Game Mode

Phase 2 of the MLBB Sanrio Event includes fun game options that immerse players in the zany Sanrio universe. These game modes, which range from the enchanted Cloud Land Adventure to the heart-pounding Sanrio Super Cup. They present special difficulties and possibilities for players to obtain specific rewards. In the thrilling platformer-style game Cloud Land Adventure, players traverse beautiful landscapes while overcoming challenges in order to find wealth. Sanrio Super Cup, on the other hand, provides a competitive esports experience, enabling gamers to form teams. Also, compete for victory in thrilling matches. These engaging game modes add a dash of Sanrio charm to MLBB and provide players unmatched joy and excitement.

Rewards and Activities

Gamers can take advantage of a variety of rewarding awards and exciting events during Phase 2 of the MLBB Sanrio Event. Players can acquire event points by taking part in a variety of in-game activities. These points can then be redeemed for exclusive Sanrio-themed gifts like as hero fragments, recall effects, and even permanent skins. The event also includes time-limited missions and challenges that provide extra rewards. Guaranteeing that players will have plenty of opportunity to collect event points. A competitive element is also added by the event leaderboard. Which gives players a chance to show off their accomplishments. Also, be eligible to win special prizes based on their ranks. MLBB Sanrio Event Phase 2 provides a rich and gratifying experience for all participants with these alluring incentives and events.


The second phase of the MLBB Sanrio Event continues the enchanted partnership between Sanrio and MLBB. It enchants players with its delightful content and fun gameplay. The event offers a broad variety of aesthetically pleasing and valuable content, ranging from new Sanrio heroes to special skins and customizations. The addition of captivating game modes and valuable awards improves the player experience even more, guaranteeing that players are submerged in a realm of magic and excitement. MLBB players can anticipate an incredible adventure full of charm, rewards, and limitless enjoyment as they embark on Phase 2 of the Sanrio Event.

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