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Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13 – How to Download and Install !


Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13, Here is the article Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13. Know more about Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13, Please Read this article. And More Gadgets update please visit OfficialPanda.

Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13

Hello users of Realme, I hope you are all doing well. Today, we are going to talk about the latest Realme Dialer update for Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 smartphones. Download and install the Realme Dialer app for Android 13.

Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13

The Google dialer is pre-installed on Realme devices these days. Furthermore, the majority of Realme users choose Realme Dialer over Google Dialer, as you may know. Because Realme Dialer has call recording announcements and auto call recording, consumers prefer it over Google Dialer, which has minimal user interface and no auto call recording.

The Google Dialer, which is the default dialer offered by Realme, is disliked by the majority of users due to its absence of an auto call recording option and its dearth of other features. Another issue is that when we attempt to record a call, it announces to the other party that the call is being recorded.

Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13 - How to Download and Install !
Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13 – How to Download and Install !

I know this feature was added to make the call more private and privacy-focused, but we were hoping for more features and automatic call recording for every call. However, this is not what we got.

I thus ask that it be replaced with the standard realme dialer, exactly like with previous models of the Realme C1, C2, Realme 1, etc. Please Realme, make an effort to comprehend how these little details may make a user happy and improve the usability of the UI.

Realme Dialer Apk Features for Android 13

Realme UI 4.0 Anroid 13 offers various features such as smart call, call identification, blocklist, speed dial, call recording, message translation, group messaging, call waiting, and custom UI.

Although the new default dialer isn’t accessible on the Google Play Store or Realme’s official website, Realme devices may still use the old dialer. A reliable download link and instructions for downloading the Realme Dialer Apk are include for a hassle-free installation process.

You may find the previous dialer on the Google Play Store and the Realme website. Those that are annoy with the new default dialer are the target audience for this information.

How to Download Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13

For every Realme device, there is a distinct Realme Dialer APK. Thus, download it based on the operating system that is now install on your device. As previously stated, consumers who have an Android 13 smartphone have access to extra features including automatic call recording.

For Android 13, the most recent Realme Dialer APK may download using this link. To correctly set up the realme dialer, don’t forget to read the installation instructions. Keep checking back with us if your smartphone is running Android 11 or below. We’ll shortly also provide you access to the Realme Dialer APK. Click the below to this dialer for Android 13.

Click Here >> DOWNLOAD

Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13

How to Install Realme Dialer Apk for Android 13

Download the Realme Dialer APK from the above link, go to File Manager > APKs > Install, give it all rights, and then go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Phone App to make it the default app on your phone.

Users will be able to utilise the Realme Dialer to make and receive calls, as well as features like auto call recording.


What is the default dialer for Realme?

Because it lacks additional capabilities and does not have an auto call recording option, the Google Dialer—the default dialer offered by Realme—is disliked by the majority of its customers.

Which devices are supported by O Dialer?

O dialer is only intended for use with OnePlus, Realme, and Oppo phones. Consequently, it won’t work with gadgets from other brands. Follow along to find out how the dialer’s call recording function operates if you’re wondering. If not, you may learn about further O Dialer features by reading the section at the bottom.

How do I get rid of Google dialer?

You may delete the Google Phone app easily if you installed it directly from the Play Store. There is no way to remove an app that was pre-installed on your phone. If you’d like, you may install a different dialer and make it your default phone app. I hope this clarifies your query!


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