{Fixed} BGMI UC Google Play Redeem Code Error

BGMI UC Google Play Redeem Code Error: Numerous advancements have occurred since the first release of BGMI’s Early Access. The developer has released a slew of details about this Indian edition of PUBG Mobile, including the Rules of Conduct and Community Policy. But there have been several Errors to the BGMI Users while buying UC in BGMI Mobile like the Google Play Redeem Code Error. In this article, we will learn that how to avoid BGMI UC Error and also how to fix BGMI UC Google Play Redeem Code Error

Since UC was more expensive in BGMI than the game’s worldwide version. Additionally, a problem with map downloads and matching has been resolved. At the moment, players cannot buy UC in BGMI through Google Play Redeem, however, Krafton has addressed the issue in a new development.

BGMI UC Google Play Redeem Code Error:

This Error Message Indicates That The Google Play Redeem Code Was Purchased Outside Of India. Since No Indian User Can Purchase It Outside Of India. Although it is an error from the Google Play and not the actual User

How you can fix the BGMI UC Google Play Redeem Code Error

As previously mentioned, purchasing UC through Google Play is not currently available. All users need to do now is wait. Once the site is operational, the founders will publicize it through social media and their website.

  • It’s likely that you’ll be unable to buy it until you’ve connected to a VPN.

This is not a fantastic bargain since BGMI is only accessible to Indians and Indian users. This makes it useless to purchase it. You may be asking how to fix this and the UC Purchase with Google Play Gift Card or Redeem Code problem. What you should do is as follows. The BGMI team discovered the issue and said that it will be fixed as quickly as possible this morning.

It is essential to wait till it is fixed before proceeding with your purchase. If you are uncertain how to buy UC in BGMI, please refer to the instructions below.  This issue is faced by many Users of BGMI and Krafton has also published a response on regarding this purchase error.

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Krafton’s Response to the Error “BGMI UC Google Play Redeem”

Krafton's Response on the Error "BGMI UC Google Play Redeem"
Krafton’s Response on the Error “BGMI UC Google Play Redeem”

“Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA players, we have identified that the option to purchase UC with Google Play redeem code is showing although the function is not yet available. Accordingly, we would like to inform you that it is currently not possible to purchase UC through Google Play; we will further update you when purchasing UC through Google Play is available. Thank you.” – Krafton’s response on BGMI UC Redeem Error.

For the Users it said that the function of purchasing UC in BGMI Mobile is not available yet in Google Play Redeem Code.

(BGMI) UC Google Play Redeem Code Error
(BGMI) UC Google Play Redeem Code Error

Will UC Price be less on BGMI Version using Google Play

The approach and perspectives on lowering UC prices reflect in order to make them more appropriate. Since the BGMI’s UC price has increased when compared to the UC price in the worldwide edition of PUBG Mobile. Additionally, for UC items bought previous to the price change.

BGMI Cash Rates For Google Play Redeem Code

  • 60UC – ₹89
  • 300UC + 25UC – ₹449
  • 600UC + 60UC – ₹899
  • 1,500UC + 300UC – ₹2,199
  • 3,000UC + 850UC – ₹4,499
  • 6,000UC + 2,100UC – ₹8,900

Can you Buy BGMI UC using a Third-party or Website like Midasbuy?

BGMI is not yet available on Midasbuy, and India is not yet accessible. We will be informed through this website as soon as it is. Also, bookmark this page to your favorites to see when the game becomes available on Midasbuy.

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