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Next Incubator Free Fire January 2024, New Rewards And More


Next Incubator Free Fire January 2024: Numerous thrilling deals and events have been scheduled as part of the Light Fest event series in Free Fire MAX. The price of spins has been reduced to just 10 diamonds by Garena, making all of the Luck Royales in the battle royale game far more affordable to the player population.

In essence, Luck Royales are gachas where players must pay diamonds to June win a desirable ultimate prize. Diamond Royale is all about clothing, Weapon Royale is all about gun skins, and The Incubator combines both.

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Next Incubator Free Fire October 2022
Next Incubator Free Fire January 2024

In Free Fire MAX, the diamond prices for Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Incubator have been decreased:

The Indian server of Free Fire MAX is now offering a fantastic bargain on the Luck Royales, thanks to Garena. The cost of each spin is currently fixed at ten diamonds. The only day this offer will be valid is December 26, 2022. As a result, users only have a short window of opportunity to finish their transactions and perhaps earn some fantastic rewards.

The Nightslayer Teddy Bundle is currently available in the Diamond Royale along with a number of other minor clothing items. A pack of 10+1 spins currently only costs 100 gems, which is very affordable for players.

Weapon Royale offers permanent gun skins, such as the Wraith Patrol Bizon, for the same pricing as the preceding Luck Royale. Five spins on The Incubator only cost 45 gems thanks to a hefty 75% discount. Gamers will be able to purchase AWM gun skins from the ongoing Incubator.

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How to Use Fee Fire Max’s Luck Royale and Make Discounted Spins There:

You can use the advice provided below to obtain Free Fire MAX Luck Royale awards at a lower cost:

  • Click on the icon on the left to access your Free Fire MAX account and then navigate to the Luck Royale section.
  • Next, select the desired Luck Royale from the menu on the right.
  • The price of spins already be discounted, and you can make spins to acquire the corresponding rewards.
  • You can continue making spins to obtain this particular item.

These can later equip from the vault/weapon section, respectively.

It is anticipated that buying premium things will become much more affordable at this discounted rate. Even then, though, there is no guarantee that a player will spin a certain number of times and receive a specific payout. Only gamers with a substantial amount of diamonds in their account should go with this.

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