Free Fire Diwali Magic Cube Bundle 2022, Emote Free

Free Fire Diwali Magic Cube Bundle: Open fire 2022 year This page will cover all of the upcoming magic cube bundles, quests, and other free goodies with the Diwali celebration event 2022. Diwali event is already knocking on the door with many exciting in-game incentives, and magic cube is one of them.

One of the most popular in-game occasions in free fire is Magic Cube, where players can receive premium in-game stuff of the highest quality for nothing.

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Free Fire Diwali Magic Cube Bundle
Free Fire Diwali Magic Cube Bundle 2022

In order to receive two free magic cubes that may be used to get free things from the magic cube store, you must first log in during the forthcoming Diwali event.

Daily missions in the Magic Cube Challenge must be completed in order to earn hundreds of magic cube fragments, which can then be exchanged for magic cubes in the store.

Magic Cube Store For Diwali Event 2022:

Although the impending magic cube store in free fire battle royale with a Diwali theme has not yet received an official announcement, players are optimistic that it will provide spectacular in-game goodies during the 2022 Diwali celebration.

All players have access to the magic cube store, where they may use their magic cube tokens to purchase thrilling bundles and other in-game prizes.

Explore these Magic Cube bundles in Free:

Venom Touch Bundle:

Diamond Royale received The Venom Touch in June 2022. The guy has a frightening aspect because to the green attire. Its attractiveness is undoubtedly increased by its effects on the hands and legs. Players can use the free Magic Cube to exchange the package if they don’t already have it.

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Hipster Bunny Bundle:

Ever since its introduction in April 2022, this female bundle has been on the list of gamers. The package has a blue and pink colour scheme, which is enhanced by the illuminating sunglasses and shoes.

Crazy Panda:

One of the main factors in the popularity of Crazy Panda is without a doubt the fact that it is one of the game’s older bundles. It was incorporated into Diamond Royale in June 2022 and features a modern aesthetic. It must be equipped all at once, unlike the other bundles on the list, which may put off some users.

Bandit Bundle:

Bandit Bundle will be on the list of players to obtain utilising the free Magic Cube. Because it is a cosmetic item that many popular Free Fire content uses frequently. It was first made available in April 2019. And given its scarcity, there are even more reasons to get the unique package.

Night Clown Bundle:

Free Fire gamers have been drawn to the clown-themed products, and the game has numerous costumes with this theme. The Night Clown Bundle, which was introduced in late 2022, is one of the earliest of these. Players frequently purchase this bundle for its wonderful head, which offers a distinctive style.

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