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Battlefield 2042 Update 1.47 Patch Notes


Battlefield 2042 Update 1.47: Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter released in 2021 by Electronic Arts and developed by DICE. To suggest Battlefield 2042 was released with “a few bugs” is clearly deceptive.

It was released in practically unplayable, buggy condition. There were several bugs, crashes, and bad gaming experiences. The worst were problems that prohibited players from gaining experience from the matches they participated in. When we compare this statistic to the first month of the game, we can detect a significant decrease.

The first month of Battlefield 2042‘s November 19 release witnessed an all-time high of 100,590 concurrent players, but at the conclusion of its first 30 days, it had dropped to an average of 20,075 players. In spite of such findings, we would not suggest the GeForce GTX 1050 for 1440p gaming.

The lowest graphics level in 1440p still only produces 0FPS, therefore playing the game at this resolution is pointless. To summarize, a GeForce RTX 2060 6GB performs quite well with Battlefield 2042. While it can easily run at 1080p, we know it performs best at 1440p HD and may be able to go up to 4K with minor configuration modifications.

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Battlefield 2042 Update 1.39
Battlefield 2042 Update 1.42

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.47:

DICE has published Battlefield 2042 update 1.47 for patch 5.2 on August 1! This update includes a reworked Hourglass map, new Vault Weapons, and other changes. Continue reading for the full Battlefield 2042 latest update patch notes. We’ve trimmed the overall area of Hourglass to keep battle concentrated while providing additional opportunities to protect yourself with improved cover along the main corridors where the action is.

You’ll also discover traces of past battles scattered around the area, as well as increasing military presence and new fortified sites. In this now-war-torn zone, the Al Wadha Arches at Flag B1 have been completely rebuilt. The bridge has fallen, leaving a hole in this heavily fought-over location.

To keep you safe as you prepare for the assault, a new subterranean area has been created. As you go from the Arches to downtown, you’ll observe that the once-pristine towers are consumed in flames. Heavy warfare has also claimed the subway, which is filled with broken vehicles.

Expect fierce opposition from the adversary as you engage in close-quarters warfare. Fight your way across the main thoroughfare downtown with new hardened military posts. This region has been upgraded to allow for vehicle gaming. New sections of cover have also been added to the regions heading farther into the city area, which will aid you throughout the attack.

Vault Weapon Attachments:

The deployment is now complete across all weapon categories, with SMGs and LMGs being the final Vault Weapons to get All-Out Warfare Attachments. The damage curves, dispersion, recoil behaviour, and accuracy of the P90, AKS-74U, PP-2000, M60E4, XM8 LMG, M240B, Type 88 LMG, and RPK-74M have also been adjusted to seem more consistent with their All-Out Warfare equivalents as viable and competitive weapons.

Furthermore, when possible, Vault Sidearms have gotten All-Out Warfare Attachments. Because this is a significant balancing injection into the game, we will be watching comments and statistics after the update and are prepared to make more adjustments. We hope you enjoy discovering new ways to play as you participate in moment-to-moment interactions!

Squad instructions now allow commanders to send attack or defence instructions towards objectives. Collaborate with your squad to complete orders and get bonus XP (Squad Order Bonus). Is your Squad Leader unqualified? If your order requests are not being followed, you will now be able to take over as leader.

Soldier & AI:

The Penguins had greased several of the ladders, causing Specialists to lose control of themselves when using them. We explained to the penguins that these were ladders, not slides. They grudgingly agreed to tidy up after themselves. Fixed a bug in which directing arrows to ally soldiers and vehicles were constantly visible even when the player was not looking at them.

Fixed a bug that caused lengthy names for Custom Experiences to be improperly framed during the loading screen. On Flashpoint, the Teleport Block for MCOMs now works properly. Updated Game Mode iconography to match symbols in My Experiences Tab. Fixed a bug that caused the BC2 Armoured Transport vehicles to display the incorrect icon.

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