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Archipelago Field Lab Avatar Frontiers of Pandora


Archipelago Field Lab Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: A Resistance Field Lab is encountered in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, and Alexander Tremayne at Resistance HQ requests that you repair it. Switch on your first lab and finish the mission of repairing them all throughout Pandora.

Archipelago Field Lab Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Archipelago Field Lab Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

You will still want to periodically visit Resistance to check what Archipelago Field Lab are available for you to finish as you go farther inside Pandora. Field Research is one such side mission that is initially accessible. The Archipelago Field Lab Avatar will be covered in detail on this page of our Avatar Frontiers of Pandora guide.

Archipelago Field Lab Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Once you locate each lab, you will need to enter and remove SID. This will indicate the locations of the boxes and circuits that you must breach in order to power up the lab. You will be able to check the air pollution level, unlock the Spare Parts Containers that are placed within, and take calls from the RDA terminal each time a lab is operational again.

The mission will be declared finished if the first lab’s power is restored, but there are still many more to locate! Here are maps and directions to all of the Resistance Field Lab locations.

Archipelago Field Lab Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Archipelago Field Lab Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Located in the Silk Woods, right before Gossamer Lake and west of Hometree, lies the Great Oak Field Lab. Rising Spires, which lies southeast of Hometree, is home to the High Peak Lab. It is located beyond Cocoon Hills and The Threaded River.

This Resistance Field Lab is located in Shadow Wood, a little distance southwest of Solitude Station. You may find the Falls Field Lab at Gossamer Lakes. Just before Wisdom Lake, it is located on the northwest border of the forest, approaching from the Shaded Grove Na’vi camp. The location of the Solitude Station Lab is south of the Falls Field Lab. Situated under The Boundless Range and just before the Tangled Stream, it’s in the Shadow Wood.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Alexander wants you to look into a certain region on Pandora’s western side. Travel to Gossamer Lakes and locate the Big Leaf Biome to the east of the Falls Field Lab and northwest of the Great Oak Field Lab to access the region.

The Hunter Guide may be used to locate Flamingo Orchids, which are necessary to gather Spineberry Fruit. The Flamingo Orchids will shut up and launch seed pods at you as soon as they detect your presence. You are still able to obtain the Spineberry Fruit from them, though.

The region is rather large, and as long as the message “inside quest area” appears at the top of the screen, you can collect Spineberry Fruit from any Flamingo Orchid. Your Na’vi senses are obscured by a white haze when you harvest the Spineberry Fruit, and a pounding sound gets louder.

After speaking with Alexander, you need to leave the area with the specimens you have collected. There will be an appearance of a Thanator pursuing you, with a red dot pointing in its direction. After you’ve made your getaway, go back to Resistance Headquarters to talk to Alexander and get your prize.


Is Avatar Frontiers of Pandora single player?

According to Ubisoft, the single-player adventure game Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora requires a single internet connection for both the print and digital editions.

Does Avatar World game cost money?

All of the game’s material is available for free in Avatar World, in contrast to other games of its genre. That means you’ll get access to a really adorable flat with lots of rooms and people to socialise with.


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