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BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes Full List! Check Out


In this Article you will know the variety of features of BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes. This version includes Corvus, a strong dark wizard with a variety of spells that cost Mana and three activated abilities, as well as a requirement for optimum resource management.

In addition, the Map Editor has been enlarged to include more decorative packs. More Quests were added in BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes, including remastered Fast Upgrades for BTD6.

 BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes Full List! Check Out

What are the New Features of BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes?

Menu Redesign for Events: Our events menu was becoming more lengthy, and perhaps too evocative of our Flash gaming beginnings. We’ve migrated everything to a new and enhanced events menu that displays all active things at a glance and provides predicted countdowns for forthcoming events.

Co-op daily tasks will now span several days until the next one cycles around, giving you more time to finish them and less downtime in between.

Btd 6 Update 40 Release Date

Version 40.0 was initially made available on December 5th, 2023. It is 2023’s sixth and last major upgrade. Get ready for an exciting journey.

BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes Full List

The Boss Challenge

More Bosses meant more gap between Boss appearances. To address this and greatly expand the opportunity to practice multiple strats and maps, we’re launching a recurring Boss Challenge system!

Any Boss Bloons that aren’t currently in an ongoing event can now be challenged at any time on any map of your choice, even harsher levels where we don’t usually hold Events.

BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes Explained 

Hey there, fellow Bloons TD 6 enthusiasts! Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Update 40, but before you jump headfirst into the action, let’s take a moment to break down all the new additions and changes in simple terms.

 BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes Full List! Check Out

What are the things changed in Btd 6 Update 40 Patch Notes 

1.Spirit Walker Corvus: Welcome a new hero to your defense team! Corvus, a strong spirit walker, will battle with you, unleashing devastating strikes and calling a faithful spirit partner to help you bust bloons.

2.Glacial Trail: A new expert map has arrived, testing even the most seasoned veterans with its ice landscape and perilous routes. You can take on this icy challenge.

3.Event Menu Redesign: Say goodbye to the messy and perplexing events calendar! Update 40 includes a simplified and structured menu that makes it easier than ever to locate and participate in your favorite activities.

4.Boss Challenge: Are you tired of having to wait for particular bosses to emerge in events? Don’t be concerned! The Boss Challenge feature allows you to fight any boss you want, even on levels where they wouldn’t ordinarily exist. Practice your strategy and bloon-slaying abilities!

5.New Trophies and Achievements: With a large number of new achievements and prizes, you can scrutinize your abilities and win gloating privileges. Put your capacities to a definitive test and open every one of them.

6.Enhancements to Quality of Life: From unpretentious changes in accordance with significant revisions, Update 40 presents a large number of new elements that further develop your whole ongoing interaction experience.

New Challenges in BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes

1.Co-op Daily Challenges: Anticipate more agreeable difficulties later on! These difficulties will presently traverse numerous days, permitting you and your companions additional opportunity to team up and overcome the bloon swarms.

2.Hero Balancing: A few legends have been changed to give a more adjusted and drawing in gaming experience for everyone.

3.Bug fixes: The makers have worked perseveringly to dispose of irritating bugs and errors, making the game more liquid and wonderful for all players.


Basically redesign your BTD6 application to the ongoing form to approach the new satisfied. Whenever you’ve signed in, scrutinize the new occasions menu. Investigate Corvus and the Chilly Path guide, and start overcoming the adversaries in the Supervisor Challenge.

Recall that the update might require some investment to show on your gadget, so show restraint. Plan to investigate with Corvus and his exceptional powers to uncover the best bloon-popping strategies. Team up with your buddies to finish the center everyday undertakings for significantly more tomfoolery and prizes.

Well keep a look out for new accomplishments and trophies, and make an effort to complete them all. Bloons TD 6 is larger and better than ever with BTD6 Update 40 Patch Notes. So gather your buddies, polish your towers, and get ready for a new round of bloon-popping fun. Thank you for reading this article.

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