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How to Unlock Robomando Risk of Rain


Robomando Risk of Rain: Since it allows you to access Robomando, the 16th survivor that is concealed, this enigmatic piece of equipment is truly one of the biggest secrets in the game. It will take some time to use and patience as its effects last for several plays. Just a heads up: it appears that the Prophet’s Cape item is now broken and may cause your game to crash. For that reason, I advise against using it for this run.

Robomando Risk of Rain discovered a secret 16th playable character, Robomando, and shared their experience unlocking it with the community, despite the game’s original release only having 15. By claiming to be the first person to purposefully How to Unlock Robomando Risk of Rain, stoked excitement. Kindly shared a comprehensive set of instructions, enabling others to follow in their footsteps, despite the fact that it was not an easy undertaking.

How to Unlock Robomando Risk of Rain
How to Unlock Robomando Risk of Rain

Robomando Risk of Rain

The ‘Drizzle’ difficulty level of Risk of Rain Returns must be completed by players in order to unlock Robomando. They visit the Temple of the Elders map throughout their trip, where the sought Strange Battery item is hidden in a clay pot. The battery, which is necessary to unleash Robomando, is given to the player upon breaking the pot.

The UES Contact Light map must be navigated, and hidden dancing golems must be found. A hidden passage that leads to an equipment chest is located beyond the golems. Robomando’s arrival is set up by using this chest’s Strange Battery. The player eventually encounters a dead robot and must enter the battery before starting a final combat after completing further runs at harder levels and fulfilling certain requirements.

Risk of Rain Returns is made much more intriguing by Robomando’s skills. Robomando may or may not have an influence on the game’s meta, but Hopoo Games has shown that they are committed to surprise and entertaining gamers.

The creators’ dedication to rewarding devout gamers is demonstrat by the addition of a secret 16th character. Long-term involvement and delight are guarantee as players rise to the difficulties of unveiling the mysterious persona.

How to Unlock Robomando Risk of Rain

The only place to find the Strange Battery in the Temple of the Elders on the Drizzle difficulty is where Robomando must unlock in RoRR. Depending on the variant, you can find it by descending from the far-left or far-right side of the space onto a tiny platform and opening a container. This is the first step towards revealing the identity of Risk of Rain Returns’ hidden sixteenth survivor. Remember to hold onto the battery.

The Temple must complete before we can go on to the Contact Light ship’s last stage. We need to go to the keycard-locked Cabin section here. It may found immediately before the bridge, which houses the last boss.

How to Unlock Robomando Risk of Rain
How to Unlock Robomando Risk of Rain

Take the ladder that descends in front of the Bridge and proceed straight to the cabin. In order to locate a golden container that drops a keycard—which you’ll need—I suggest searching your spawning area, nearby Cargo regions, or some random blast doors.

It is possible, of course, to get lucky and have one drop from an enemy. Proceed to the far right of the room where there is an abrupt drop after using a keycard to unlock the Cabin. To reach a ledge to climb onto, you must jump off and stay to the left as you fall. Although survivors like the Loader with his grappling hook or the Huntress with her teleport, for example, also function really well, I had a lot of luck getting there with the Pilot.


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