Apex Legends Superglide Trainer Build Guide

Apex Legends Superglide Trainer: In the online multiplayer battle royale game Apex Legends, three-player teams take on the roles of pre-made “Legends” with unique abilities like those of hero shooters. Since the game’s initial release, alternative modes have been added for solo and two-player teams.The game is free to play, but users may pay real money or in-game currency to buy cosmetic things like clothes for Legends and new weapon colours through microtransactions and loot boxes.

Apex Legends Superglide Trainer
Apex Legends Superglide Trainer

Apex Legends Superglide Trainer

You move ahead as you climb or mantle up a ledge in Apex Legends thanks to superglides. When you superglide, you may lessen the sluggishness your legend feels after rising and gain a lot of forward speed after mantling, making you more difficult to aim at.

Climbing a ledge may include pressing jump as you get close to the edge and then pressing crouch in the following frame while holding the forward, left, or right direction key. Using this strategy, your velocity can increase by up to 550.

We can only access your online inputs at a certain frequency. There is currently some uncertainty. We are currently working on displaying this uncertainty for MnK. The controller’s hesitation is already displayed in the “Show all stats” option.

The majority of browser settings appear to poll MnK inputs at 1 kHz. At 144 frames per second, this results in an average uncertainty of around 7%. As a consequence, while you have a 48% chance of hitting the Superglide, it may be anywhere between 41% and 55%.
In addition, we’re working on increasing the polling intervals for Controller and MnK.

Nevertheless, this online Superglide Trainer continues to be useful.
It helps beginners and intermediate users get acquainted to the input sequence, fix hardware problems, and roughly measure their progress.

How to Use Apex Legends Superglide Trainer

However, if you want to make sure that your progress towards 90 and 100% is as precise as possible and your overall superglide consistency starts to consistently stay over 70%, you may start using the Powershell script that is given at the bottom. It does not experience the same amount of uncertainty and is not restricted by browser limitations.

Github users Anton Mu and Pavan Bhaaji created a script to assist players who are struggling to master the superglide in Apex Legends. The Apex Legends Superglide Trainer can help you learn and use this talent more regularly.

In Apex Legends, you may practise the jump and crouch combo required to utilise the Superglide skill. After each attempt, you will be given information on what went wrong, how to remedy it, and how to track your progress. Adjust your key bindings and frame rate to match your Apex Legends settings for more exact practise sessions. The website is free to use and provides advise on how to leap higher.

About for Apex Legends Superglide Trainer

This might be due to a faulty USB port or other system-related issues. Remove the USB ports. Check that your device’s drivers are up to current. In severe circumstances, other components such as your motherboard, CPU, or operating system may be to blame.

We’re attempting to make the site seem nicer overall. Increase the poll frequency for MnK and Controller, and potentially help with mantle time training. A Superglide companion video for this trainer (Mokey) is also something I’m working on.

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