How to Complete the Potential Energy Orbs Challenge in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact 4.2, players face an intriguing challenge involving the use of Potential Energy Orbs. These orbs serve as energy converters, absorbing the power of the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus. Adventurers can get access to these interesting puzzles by discovering and solving these Potential Energy Orbs distributed around the Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.

 How to Complete the Potential Energy Orb Challenge in Genshin Impact

What’s the New Potential Energy Orb Challenge in Genshin Impact?

Potential Energy Orb are mostly distributed across the forthcoming places inside Version 4.2 of Genshin Impact. You must use the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus’ skills to use these orbs. By doing so, the orb gathers and stores the octopus’ energy, converting it into a powerful force that you may send in any way you like.

How to Complete the Potential Energy Orb Challenge in Genshin Impact 4.2?

The Potential Energy Orb challenge, which is part of the Fontaine map addition, adds an interesting overworld puzzle. This puzzle will be available beginning November 8, 2023, with the release of the Version 4.2 patch update.

To overcome this unique task, explorers will need to travel the landscapes of Genshin Impact 4.2, discover these energy orbs, and employ the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus’s power wisely. 

The precise locations and ways for interacting with these orbs may become available following the release of the update, increasing the puzzle-solving experiences for players. Stay tuned for the update and have fun with the new riddles in the game.

 How to Complete the Potential Energy Orb Challenge in Genshin Impact


What will happen in Genshin 4.2?

Furina, the Hydro Archon of Fontaine, and new 4-Star Charlotte make their appearance in the version 4.2 Banners. The first phase of the 4.2 Banner schedule features new Hydro 5-Star Furina in her Chanson of Many Waters Banner Banner and returning Dendro 5-Star Baizhu in his Immaculate Pulse Banner.2

What is the Genshin Impact 4.2 update?

Fixes a problem with Diona in which her Elemental Skill’s Icy Paws could not freeze water after hitting it. After the Version 4.0 update, several of the spectacular visual effects for Hu Tao’s Charged Attacks were not visible.

In Genshin, what is the 4.2 event weapon?

Genshin Impact 4.2: New Region, Characters, and Events came just two days ago. Genshin Impact 4.2 introduces new weapons.

There will be two new 5-star trademark weapons for the new 5-star Furina and Baizhu: The beauty of Tranquil Waters – Hydro Archon Furina’s signature sword. Splendor of Jadefall – A distinctive catalyst for Dendro’s Baizhu.

Is Venti still worth it?

4.1 Genshin Impact – Should you pull Venti? Venti is still a good buy if you already have Kazuha and don’t mind having a second Anemo grouper. Venti, owing to his crowd management, can be the greatest character in the game on material that Venti can trivialize.

How long will the Genshin Impact be felt?

MiHoYo is said to be expanding its Genshin Impact 5-year plan to a 12-year plan, but is there enough story content to sustain such a lengthy roadmap? According to unconfirmed allegations, Genshin Impact creator miHoYo intends to have 12 years of Genshin Impact material.


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