Genshin Impact Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Fight and Location Complete Guide

Genshin Impact Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Fight and Location: With its breathtaking scenery, rich narrative, and hard boss encounters, the ever-expanding world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact continues to captivate gamers. The Millennial Pearl Seahorse distinguishes out as a unique and fearsome adversary among the other monsters featured in game updates. In this essay, we will go through the Millennial Pearl Seahorse boss battle, its location, and techniques for defeating this aquatic beast. The Millennial Pearl Seahorse may be found in Liyue’s calm waters, notably in the placid and lovely Qingce Village.

To begin the boss fight, players must use Original Resin to activate the “Pearl Galley” domain, which is the game’s energy resource necessary for collecting prizes after beating top monsters. The Pearl Galley is situated on a remote island in the centre of a vast lake, surrounded by lush vegetation and magical ruins.

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Genshin Impact Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Fight and Location
Genshin Impact Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Fight and Location

Genshin Impact Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Fight and Location:

Before going into battle, it’s critical to construct a balance squad of characters that are properly level and equipe. Because the Millennial Pearl Seahorse is a Hydro-element monster, it is vulnerable to Electro and Cryo attacks, making Fischl, Lisa, Keqing, and Kaeya excellent candidates. Bringing healers and shield characters can also aid secure your team’s survival.

The battle against the Millennial Pearl Seahorse is a multi-phase encounter that requires players to adapt to the boss’s numerous attack patterns and techniques. The Millennial Pearl Seahorse remains submerged underwater at the start of the battle, only sometimes rising to unleash long-range Hydro assaults. To avoid taking damage, keep an eye on the boss’s movements and dodge its missiles.

During this phase, use ranged characters to do damage because going too near might be risky. As the boss’s health drops, it will start its second phase, in which it will rush towards the centre of the arena. During this phase, the Millennial Pearl Seahorse becomes susceptible, allowing melee characters to engage. Be wary of its charging strikes and use shields to reduce damage.

Phase 3 Laser Barrage:

The Millennial Pearl Seahorse launches a destructive laser strike that sweeps across the arena in its final phase. The trick to surviving this phase is to hide behind one of the island’s stone pillars and use them as cover. After the laser blast, take advantage of the chance to do significant damage to the boss.

Throughout the battle, the monster will summon Hydro-infused minions at random. Remove them to relieve further strain on your team. To maximise damage output, keep elemental reactions active. To secure your team’s survival, use healing abilities and food bonuses.

Players receive important items for defeating the Millennial Pearl Seahorse, such as character ascension supplies and artefacts. There’s also a possibility to get the covete “Heart of Depth” artefact set, which is greatly sought after by many players due to its powerful Hydro-focus perks.


In Genshin Impact, the Millennial Pearl Seahorse boss encounter provides both a hard gaming experience and the possibility for substantial prizes. Players may defeat this aquatic enemy and further enhance their characters on their adventure through the fascinating land of Teyvat with the appropriate team composition, strategies, and awareness of the boss’s attack patterns. Prepare your group, practise your fighting abilities, and plunge into the tranquil waters of Qingce Village for an epic clash with the Millennial Pearl Seahorse.

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