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Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Guide


Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Guide: Tower of Fantasy is an open-world action role-playing game that can be played for free and is created by Perfect World subsidiary Hotta Studio. The game takes place on the alien planet “Aida” in the far future. After a disaster that almost destroyed human civilization and altered the planet’s biosphere left it tainted with a strange but powerful radioactive energy known as Omnium. Here is the article about Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Guide, if you want to know more information about Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Guide please read this Article. We hope this article will help you to complete Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Build and informative for you.

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Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Guide
Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Guide

Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Guide: 

In Version 2.5 of the Tower of Fantasy patch, Rubilia, a new limited simulator, and her weapon, Lost Art, are introduced. Character Rubilia is shown to be a replica of the Volt DPS. We will discover more about Rubilia’s skills, optimal matrices, team configurations, and the supplies needed to advance her level in Tower of Fantasy in this tutorial. As an Abyssant, Dr. Rubilia, the former leader of the Listener Project, is currently involved in Grayspace Entity research.

Because of her special status, her involvement is kept under wraps. Even though she is still regarded by the public as a bright researcher and a potential scientist. Her current circumstances are extraordinary. Her chances of reintegrating into society as a regular human being are little to None. It seems that she may have known this would Happen for some time.

Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Tier List: 

Here is the  tire list of Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Tier List-


The strongest weapons and simulators are found at the SS-tier. With their battle power, they can destroy any foe. The current meta is dominated by the SS-tier, and you can clear any content quickly and easily by employing the Simulacra in it. Additionally, you have to set aside funds to improve them and achieve unbeatability.


The second-best troops available in this mobile gacha game are these ones. This tier contains all SSR units that are weaker than SS ones. They may be upgraded to increase their fighting capability.


Although they perform their roles well, the A-tier troops have several weaknesses. Support troops, for example, may be weak in doing damage but strong in healing and support. Upgrade your A-tier units whenever possible in this open-world game if that’s how you want to use them. For appropriate improvements, you must utilise a lot of resources.


If you are just starting the game, B-tier units are the greatest option because they don’t offer much benefit. They aid in early level clearing and gaming mechanism comprehension. These troops should be avoided, and you should get units as quickly as you can that are ranked in the SS, S, or A tiers.


In this MMORPG, C-tier units are the weakest performance. Even at their best, they are unviable, so don’t waste your money trying to enhance them.


1. Is Tower of Fantasy a success?

Ans- Tower of Fantasy has plummeted significantly from its pinnacle of popularity. When it rose to the top of the iOS top-grossing number 11 in the US Market. Tower of Fantasy was published earlier in 2021 in the Chinese market. Where it managed to maintain a spot in the iOS top-grossing 100.

2. Is Tower of Fantasy more fun than Genshin?

Ans- When it comes to player autonomy, a more straightforward aesthetic, and enhanced quality of life. Tower of Fantasy surpasses Genshin Impact when it opens worldwide. It’s inevitable to draw comparisons between action-gacha champ Genshin Impact and rookie Tower of Fantasy. But there are some things Tower of Fantasy just does better.

3. Can you delete your character in Tower of Fantasy?

Ans- You can just start afresh on a different server you cannot erase your Character. You may still alter your character in the future, though. I believe you can do so using the inventory setting. However, you will not be able to alter the gender of your character.

4. Who is the best healer in Tower of Fantasy?

Ans- In Tower of Fantasy, Pepper is the ideal support character for new players. With the Staff of Scars, she is an SR character that may be acquired through story missions in the early game. With her ability Sanctuary, Pepper may form an energy shield that can heal teammates and thwart damage for ten seconds by reducing it by 3%.


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