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Tower of fantasy new mission nemesis Official PV and MV


Tower of fantasy new mission nemesis Official PV and MV: The Perfect World subsidiary Hotta Studio created the free-to-play, open-world action role-playing game Tower of Fantasy. Open-world video game “Tower of Fantasy” is available for free.

In Tower of Fantasy, you take on the role of a Wanderer and embark on an open-world journey where you may explore cyberpunk cities, deserts, and wastelands as well as environmentally sound aquatic realms and the mysterious “Domain 9” that incorporates eastern aesthetics. Multiple missions that require repeating the same boring duties are required of players.

Actively playing Tower of Fantasy may be quite time demanding and ineffective since, in certain circumstances, the game asks for a lot of your time without providing much value. One of the most sought-after equipment in the game is the Support Simulacra called Nemesis. Players must move quickly, though, as it is only available during the Rebirth of Clemency event for a short period of time.

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Tower of fantasy new mission nemesis Official PV and MV
Tower of fantasy new mission nemesis Official PV and MV

She may appear innocent and charming, but Venus, her weapon, has risen to the top of both PvE and PvP lists thanks to its incredible utility, healing, and damage. Tower of Fantasy’s Nemesis is an incredibly expensive unit and a potent addition to any wanderer’s squad as the first Simulacra featured on a limited banner.

Tower of fantasy new mission nemesis Official PV and MV:

The Nemesis Simulacra must be unlocked by September 1, 2023. The Rebirth of Clemency launch event concludes at this point. The possibility of the SSR decrease returning in a subsequent event has not been ruled out. In contrast to Black and Gold Nuclei, which are spent in the normal shop, players may spend Red Nuclei during this temporary event.

There is around a 2% chance of drawing an SSR drop for every 10 Red ones paid. There is a 50% probability that the Nemesis Simulacra will descend if an SSR is anticipated. After using 80 Red Nuclei, a guaranteed SSR drop becomes available, therefore at this point, the 50% probability is assured.

Players of Tower of Fantasy can attempt again by paying 80 additional Red Nuclei if the 50% probability doesn’t result in the Nemesis Simulacra. Nemesis may also be purchased outright for 120 Flame Gold. Black Gold is replaced with Flame Gold in this event. One Flame Gold is given for each Red Nucleus used to purchase a Rebirth of Clemency banner. Players will have enough money after spending 120 to only purchase Nemesis.

Rebirth of Clemency event:

In Tower of Fantasy, SSR characters and things are at the pinnacle of the food chain. A lot of times, players will reroll till their SSR drops. During the Rebirth of Clemency event, rerolling does not need a complete reset. As an alternative, players can just keep pulling banners until they achieve their goals.

You can go on doing this until the Rebirth of Clemency event concludes and a new limited-time Tower of Fantasy event starts. As was already noted, spending a Red Nucleus increases your probability of drawing an SSR weapon by up to 2%. Players are guaranteed an SSR pull after using 10 Red Nuclei. You can receive an SSR drop after spending 80 Red Nuclei.

Only during this event are Red Nuclei accessible, and they cost 120 Dark Crystals each. Tanium may also be used to acquire bundles of Red Nuclei. Both of these in-game currencies are premium ones. Tanium is an expensive metal. Despite being able to be bought, Dark Crystals may be obtained by just playing Tower of Fantasy. To obtain the Nemesis, though, players will need a large number of them.

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