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How to Get The Blasphemous Key of The Inquisitor Complete Walkthrough


In this article we are going to know about the Blasphemous key of the inquisitor, How to get the blasphemous key of the inquisitor, Where to get the key of the inquisitor blasphemous if you want to know please read the full article. Blasphemous is a dark and dramatic action platformer that transports players to a harsh and forgiving universe. In this spooky and difficult region, players will find a variety of important artefacts that are essential for game growth, side quests, and upgrades. The “key of the inquisitor blasphemous”, which opens certain cells in the Wall of Sacred Prohibitions, is one of these crucial key items. In this detailed tutorial you will learn how to obtain the Inquisitor’s Key and what it means in the game.

How to Get The Blasphemous Key of The Inquisitor Complete Walkthrough

The Inquisitor’s Key is a steel skeleton key whose origins are linked to the strong character of the Grand Inquisitor. The Grand Inquisitor’s sword had legendary fire and symbolised his eternal devotion to his goal. The key is important for unlocking cells in the Wall of Sacred Prohibitions, which contributes to the game’s rich story.

How to get Blasphemous Key of the Inquisitor

To acquire the Blasphemous key of the inquisitor, players should go through the dull and risky place that is known for Custodia. In spite of the fact that it isn’t given by a NPC or as a compensation for killing a chief, it tends to be tracked down in a particular area in the game. The accompanying walkthrough will direct players to the area of the key:

  1. Climb the Wall of Sacred Bans – The Wall of Sacred Bans is a location in Blasphemous that serves as the setting for the quest for the Inquisitor’s Key. To reach this region, players must progress through the game’s main story, which may involve overcoming numerous obstacles, monsters, and bosses.
  2. Investigate the Wall of Sacred Bans – Once you reach the Wall of Sacred Bans, explore the region extensively. This includes platforming, combat, and puzzle solving. Prepare for a difficult encounter, as Blasphemous is known for its difficulty.
  3. Find the Inquisitor’s Key – As you enter the Wall of Sacred Prohibitions, you will find the Inquisitor’s Key. It can be hidden in a chest, guarded by a fearsome enemy, or earned by completing a series of platforming tasks.
  4. Obtain the key – Once found, interact with the Inquisitor’s key to add it to your inventory. This key can then be used to enter select cells within the Wall of Sacred Prohibitions to learn more about the game’s plot and potentially access additional side quests and upgrades.

Where to Get Key of the Inquisitor Blasphemous

The Inquisitor’s Key is more than just an in-game item, It is deeply rooting into a blasphemous legend. The dialogue and game narrative surrounding the key provide insight into its meaning, as well as the religious context of the game.

Luzdivina, a character in the play, claims to have experienced astonishing visions of the divine in a critical scene. Her extraordinary talent sparks a conversation with the inquisitors, who understand the significance of her ecclesiastical visions. This conversation ends with the Inquisitor giving Luzdivina the Inquisitor’s Key, marking it as a precious relic that must keep in a windowless chapel.

The Key represents the control of the Church and its role in the oppressive and mysterious kingdom of Custodia. Religious background is an important theme in Blasphemous and the Inquisitor’s Key represents the authority of the church.


What should I do with the Inquisitor’s key?

The Jaw of Ashgan, the Inquisitor collectible, the Phalanx of Zeth, the Prisoner collectible, and an Empty Bile Vessel are all accessible with this key.

In blasphemous, where do I use the Inquisitor key?

Take out the opponents at the bottom by going all the way to the left. Continue to the left and enter the Patio of the Silent Steps through the entrance. Pull the lever at this location to lower the ladder and create a shortcut. Return through the door to the right, then open the door just here if you have the Key of the Inquisitor.

Why is the Inquisitor so helpless?

In terms of who they battle, the Inquisitors just have a lot of terrible luck. Either they battle overpowering prodigy padawans with incomplete training. Leading others to believe they are weak (Kanan/Cal). Or they face overpowered established figures (Ahsoka, Maul), which clearly ends horribly for them.

In Blasphemous, is there a double jump?

The Passage of Ash is one of the skills that players will gain, and having it will allow the Penitent One to jump a second time in the air. What most gamers would call a double jump. This unlocks the map for further exploration and is require to complete Blasphemous 2 and roll credits.


The Blasphemous key of the inquisitor is an important item to progress in the game and open certain cells in the Wall of Sacred Prohibitions. Its significance to the game’s plot and the strict suggestions of the Custodian universe. Make it a fundamental part of the ongoing interaction experience.

This walkthrough gives a bit by bit way to getting the Blasphemous key of the inquisitor. Guaranteeing players are completely ready to investigate the difficult climate of Blasphemous and find the mysteries concealed inside. Remember that the Blasphemous key of the inquisitor is a symbol of the dark and enigmatic narrative. That unfolds in this terrifying game as you venture into this dark and atmospheric environment.

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