Blasphemous 2 Figures List Guide and Locations

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Blasphemous 2 Figures List Guide and Locations
Blasphemous 2 Figures List Guide and Locations

Action-adventure game Blasphemous 2 is a Metroidvania-style title created by The Game Kitchen and released by Team17. The Condemned Church, a perverted and degraded setting influenced by Spanish Catholic iconography, is where the game takes place. Players take control of The Penitent One, a mute hero who travels through the Condemned Church in search of salvation.

Blasphemous 2 Figures List

The Altarpiece Figures are a significant aspect of Blasphemous 2. These are little figurines that may be discovered all across the game. Every figurine has a special power that may be used by putting it on an altarpiece. Players can forge potent synergies that will aid them in their journey by gathering and mixing various figures.

The text contains various figures and names, including the Anointed One, Thurifer, Ecstatic Novice, Scribe, Próximo, Cobijada Mayor, Crisanta, Gregal, Veteran One, Pilgrim, Pillager, Partisan, Maiden & Unwavering One, Lebeche, Punished One, Demented One, Viridiana, Nacimiento, Trifón, Tirso, The Thirst, Jaloque, Purified One, Tempest, Alchemist, Guide, Choirmaster, Woman of the Stolen Face, Selfless Father, Bishop, Flagellant, Confessor, Cástula, Traitor, and the Sacred One. Each figure represents a different aspect of the story.

The saintly people of the Condemned Church are represented by these individuals. They provide on the player bonuses like higher health, endurance, and damage. The Condemned Church’s priests are represented by these people. They provide on the player bonuses like greater prayer power, damage resistance, and the capacity to see concealed passageways.

The young ladies who have been tainted by sin are represented by these figures. They provide the player advantages like faster movement and attacks as well as the capacity to affect foes’ statuses. The Cleansed Ones These people serve as symbols for individuals who have atoned for their sins. They bestow on the player bonuses like boosted defense, immunity to status ailments, and the capacity to heal themselves.

Blasphemous 2 Figures Location

Players can locate a number of simple-to-find figures in Blasphemous 2 to complete Ending A. Included in this group are the Traitor, Thurfer, Nacimiento, Ecstatic Novice, Purified One, Pilgrim, Tempest, Confessor, Partisan, Viridiana, Flagellant, Scribe, and Bishop. By speaking with the sculptor in the Blessed Name city, you may get the Traitor figurine. The Nacimiento figure may be located next to the City of the Blessed Name in the Ravin of High Stone, while the Thurfer figure is in the Sacred Entombment. The statue of the Ecstatic Novice is in the top portion of the City of the Blessed Name, while the Purified One is in the Aqueduct of Costales.

The Tempest figure may discovere in the Palace of Embroideries, while the Pilgrim figure can found in the Grilless and Ruin. By giving the Sculptor or his daughter the Remembrance of the Confessor, one can receive the Confessor figurine. Players must make sure they have enough Tears of Atonement before purchasing the Partisan, Viridiana, The Flagellant, The Scribe, and The Bishop figurines from the City of the Blessed Name shop.

Players must locate the four required figurines Gregal, Cierzo, Lebeche, and Jaloque in order to access Ending A. Gregal is located at the top of the tower at the Aqueduct of the Costales after locating all 33 cherubs and finishing the parlour challenge. Cierzo requires delivering the three Forgotten Tributes to Procession of Shadows in order to reveal the game’s hidden ending. After completing all five Battle Challenges, Lebech will be located. Due of Blasphemous 2’s dependency on Tears of Atonement, Jaloque is the figure that is the most challenging to locate.

More About Blasphemous 2 Figures

Players must purchase all of the stock from Medardo and Escolasticos in order to get these figures, after which they must sell the Jaloque Figure on the Crimson Rains map for 600 Tears of Atonement. Players can begin the Ending A and get the four Figures using this technique. The elements of nature are represente by these figurines. They bestow bonuses to the player, such as greater damage against specific opponent kinds, the capacity to do elemental harm, and the capacity to set up elemental traps.

The impacts of the Altarpiece Figures can couple with their separate effects to produce Resonances. Resonances are strong bonuses that can only use by grouping specific figurines on an altar. There are 20 Resonances in all, and each one has a different influence on the game.

Players can explore the Condemned Church more easily and gain a huge tactical edge in combat by using Altarpiece Figures. They provide them additional strength in combat by increasing metrics like health, stamina, and damage. Additionally, certain characters bestow unique skills that might be helpful in fighting and exploration, such secret pathways and status effects. Additionally, Altarpiece Figures can produce strong Resonances when coupled, giving a tactical advantage.

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