How to Solve Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2 2023

In this Article we will explain to you the Marvel’s All Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2 and how to complete them. Spider-Man 2 by Marvel provides a large open environment for players to explore and fight in. There are also several sorts of activities available to keep players engaged in the plot and gameplay. 

This also includes Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2, in which Miles Morales as Spider-Man has to solve various environmental puzzles to obtain the stash at the end.

 How to Solve Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2 2023

However, there are several examples of this activity on the New York map. This guide is intended to help you with the location of these Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2, as well as provide solutions to the puzzles.

All Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2 Locations and Solutions in Marvel’s , As mentioned above, Prowler Stashes are distinct points on the map that present environmental puzzles. They are easily identified by the vivid purple border that surrounds the Prowler Stash area. There are a total of 10 such activities in the open world, each with different ways to obtain the reward.

What are the new Locations in Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2

  1. Upper West Side

The store must be scanned using the L2 button.It is located in an area under two metal beams next to a door. Hold L2 and R2 after scanning to stabilize the code, which should allow the door to be opened using L1+R1. This is followed by another door and the scanning plus stabilization minigame.

After this, climb to the top of the beam to find the position to open it. Enter the room and look left to find a safe with 3x Rare Tech Parts and 300 XP.

  1. Midtown

This is located atop the Braxton building in the northeast area of the district in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Scan the Braxton logo and then climb the pole next to it, which should allow you to open the logo to reveal a secret crawl space. Avoid the lasers inside and stop the spinning fan with a web shot to progress inside and find the safe. Open it to receive 3 rare pieces of technology and 300 XP.

  1. Greenwich

Located in Greenwich, you will be on the rooftops of a large building. Find and scan a white panel next to some air conditioning vents. Open it to find another locked door, which must be activated using a pair of generators nearby. This will allow Miles to enter the location and open the safe. Find more 3x Rare Tech Pieces and 300 XP here.

 How to Solve Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2 2023

How to Find Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2 

  1. Downtown Brooklyn

Find a large building with a tower on top. The scanned section is an antenna-like switch behind a white sign. Jump back to the floor with the tower and pull the switch to open the grate. Start another scan at the locked panel behind the grate and climb onto the sign while facing the locked panel so you can open it. Find 3 more rare tech pieces and 300 XP inside the safe.

  1. Williamsburg

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, find the next Prowler Stash in a brick building in Williamsburg. Look around the middle ceiling for two metal grates and the scannable area will be next to the one on the right side. Opening the grate reveals a rotating gear, which must first be pulling out and then frozen by further net sprays. This opens the left grille. Repeat the process here to finally open the small safe embedded in the wall next to the right grate. Earn 3 rare tech pieces and 300 XP for solving this puzzle.

All Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2

  1. Little Odessa

This Prowler Stash may be found in an area with a lot of cargo containers. The place to scan is located right under a yellow crane, right next to the gray container. To get to the marked place, climb the red and blue containers on the side. Now, use Miles’s web powers on the crane wheel to lift the obstacle in front of the gray container. After opening it, go inside and check the safe to get 3 rare pieces of technology and 300 XP as a reward.

  1. Downtown Queens

This one is located on the rooftops of some fancy high-rise apartments along the waterfront area in downtown Queens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Go around the purple edges of the roof to find the scannable area right in front of some air vents. Climb onto the nearby antenna to get an angle to open the vents.

Inside, there are two pathways, one to the left and one to the right. Since the left side is blocking by lasers, go right, avoid the hazards, and reach the switch at the end. This should clear the way for more obstacles on the left side. Find another safe with 3x Rare Tech Parts and 300 XP at the end.

  1. Astoria

Bordering the downtown area of Queens, this one is near a fence next to a grayish-white brick wall. Scan the area and stand on the far left to open.

How to Solve Midtown Prowler Stashes Spider Man 2 2023


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