How to Easily Swing 10 Times Using the Spider Verse Web Shooters Before Landing Fortnite

how to easily swing 10 times using the spider verse web shooters before landing fortnite: Miles Morales has officially arrived in Fortnite, bringing with him many new objectives as well as the Spider-Verse Web Shooter weapon.

You must fulfil numerous objectives with these new Web Shooters, one of which is swinging 10 times before landing. We finished this quest in-game and discovered a few areas where you may quickly fulfil this task. In Fortnite, here’s how to swing 10 times with Spider-Verse Web Shooters.

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how to easily swing 10 times using the spider verse web shooters before landing fortnite
how to easily swing 10 times using the spider verse web shooters before landing fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, the Spider-Verse Web Shooters have become the show-stoppers. With them, players may easily travel large distances and fly to unprecedented heights (literally) to either escape or flank opponents in fight. However, they do take some expertise and decent hand-eye coordination to use.

Knowing where and when to swing next will be critical. However, as part of the “This Season” Challenge for week 11 (Meanwhile, In Another Universe), you must swing 10 times with the Spider-Verse Web Shooters before landing. Given the difficulty of this quest, 33,000 experience points will be rewarded upon completion.

Step-by-step instructions for swinging ten times with the Spider-Verse Web Shooters before landing in Fortnite:

Players must accomplish three tasks in order to complete this Fortnite challenge: Get Spider-Verse Web Shooters, go to a POI or area of the map with a lot of trees, and swing 10 times without landing. There are three methods to obtain Spider-Verse Web Shooters, but only two of them will be counted for this Fortnite challenge. The first approach includes scouring Spider-Verse Backpacks on the island for Spider-Verse Web Shooters.

There are many to engage with, so the chances of discovering one early on are pretty great. The second approach is to just buy the Mythic from Spider-Gwen, an NPC. She may be found on the roof of Slappy Shores. However, because this POI is something of a hot-drop zone, it is best to avoid landing here if the Battle Bus’ path passes directly over it.

Slappy Shores:

For various reasons, Slappy Shores is the perfect place to swing 10 times with the Spider-Man Web Shooters. The Gwen Stacy NPC can be found at the Petrol Station at Slappy Shores, and she can sell you the Spider-Verse Web Shooter for roughly 600 Gold Bars. This is the simplest approach to obtain the Web Shooters since you won’t have to go around seeking for it.

Slappy Shores contains a number of structures, as well as grind rails. At this POI, you may essentially accomplish all of the Week 11 tasks, including landing on a grind rail after swinging with the Spider-Verse Web Shooters. Remember that Slappy Shores will also be a hot-drop location for other players.

Traveling to Mega City or Windcatch Lake to swing:

Once you’ve obtained Spider-Verse Web Shooters, there are two viable places to finish this task. The first of the legendary Mega City POI series. Due to the lack of high-rise structures, it will be simple to swing ten times without running out of space. To avoid being snipped, just keep an eye out for Sniper Glint. If Mega City isn’t your cup of Slap Juice, a Landmark named Windcatch Lake is an excellent spot to finish this task.

It’s a short distance east of Mega City and, for the most part, an isolated location. Although there aren’t many trees to swing from in this Landmark, swinging 10 times should be achievable. Spider-Verse Web Shooters fire latch onto anything and let you to stay airborne in mid-air as long as each swing is timed correctly. Swing to other adjacent Landmarks as necessary to maintain momentum. The challenge will auto-complete on the tenth and last swing, and XP will be rewarded.

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