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CIV 6 Update 1.19 Patch Notes December 2023


CIV 6 Patch Notes December 2023: The venerable Civilization VI also changes as the video game industry develops. Players received a brand-new patch in December 2023 that added a slew of intriguing new features to the game’s already fascinating action.

This patch addressed bugs, added new material, and improved the complicated mechanics that make Civilization VI a favourite among strategy fans with the goal of improving the user experience. A patch wouldn’t be complete without brand-new civilisations and rulers, and December 2023 delivered on this front. There were two newly imported civilizations, each giving a distinctive flavour to the world scene.

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CIV 6 Patch Notes September 2023
CIV 6 Patch Notes December 2023

CIV 6 Patch Notes December 2023:

The Valtorian Empire, under the leadership of Emperor Kaela Renar, has a unique playstyle that emphasises scientific superiority. Players are encouraged to specialise and control particular technical periods because to the empire’s special power, “Innovative Synthesis,” which speeds up research when focused on a particular technology tree.

Their special structure, the “Quantum Nexus,” expedites the accumulation of Great Scientists, while their special unit, the “Mechanised Vanguard,” is a potent futuristic infantry unit that excels on both offence and defence. The Ygen Dynasty’s Empress Meilin provides a diplomatic and cultural perspective to the game.

Through diplomatic connections and the dynasty’s special ability, “Cultural Resonance,” more tourism is generated. Their special unit, the “Jade Envoy,” is a charming diplomat group with the ability to influence foreign cultures through soft power. The “Teahouse” is a unique structure from the Ygen Dynasty that enhances comforts and cultural development.

Gameplay Improvements:

This version also intended to improve and balance the gameplay elements already in place, making sure that no culture or tactic was forgotten or abused. The input of the players was crucial in determining these adjustments. Significant changes were made to the World Congress mechanism, including the addition of additional resolutions, diplomatic possibilities, and victory requirements.

Players now have additional options for using diplomacy to impact the game’s direction and the path of world politics. The Cultural Victory route has undergone changes to make it more interesting and competitive. It is now possible to engage in a more dynamic and exciting battle for cultural supremacy because to changes made to how tourism is measure and how it affects the cultures of opposing civilizations.

Bug Fixes:

The AI-driven leaders of Civilization VI have improved their decision-making techniques, making interactions more rational, consistent, and indicative of each leader’s particular characteristics and objectives. The aesthetics were not overlook in the December patch. The game environment was brought to life with visual upgrades including enhance leader animations and more intricate cityscapes. Furthermore, improved aural cues and soundscapes improved the immersion.

Without fixing annoying issues and enhancing the quality of life, a patch is incomplete. The resolution of a number of issues thrilled players and made for a smoother and more pleasurable gaming experience. Players could concentrate on strategy without being distract by them, which varied from minor UI bugs to more substantial AI behaviour enhancements.


In conclusion, the December 2023 patch for Civilization VI demonstrated the game’s dedication to improvement and player pleasure. This upgrade revitalised the experience for both experienced gamers and newbies alike with new civilizations, improved gaming mechanics, and a variety of changes. Players can anticipate more new improvements as Civilization VI develops, which will keep the game interesting, difficult, and endlessly fun.

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