Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 English Patch Notes

Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 English Patch Notes: Inklings get ready to dive back into the ink-splattered world of Turf Wars and battles, as Splatoon 3 receives its highly anticipated Version 5.0.0 update! With a of new features, weapons, and adjustments, this is set to shake up the scene and provide players fresh challenges and experiences. Let’s take a closer at English patch notes and explore what’s new this update.

Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 English Patch Notes
Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 English Patch Notes

Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 English Patch Notes

The Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 update is a significant that the game a number of new features and content. The update introduces three new songs, 12 new Tableturf fight cards, two new main weapons, eight new sets of current main weapons combined with various sub and special weapons, two new fight stages, and a brand-new tool called “Adjust Gear.”

Utilise stealth and cunning with this adaptable weapon. The Inkbrush Pro X is ideal for gamers who want a fast-paced playstyle since it can swiftly cover ground and participate in close-quarter combat. These dualies give the traditional Dualies a fresh spin by enabling players to dash-roll to a horizontal line of ink.

Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 New Items

A new Special Weapon called the Curling Launcher enables users to Curling Bombs on the , seizing territory and surprising adversaries. The well-liked Ancho-V Games stage and the well-liked Humpback Pump Track have both returned as updated stages. New sub-weapons include Toxic Mist+, an improved of the mist that enhances coverage damage potential, Seeker Shield, which combines defiance the tracking prowess of Seeker.

S-BLAST ’92, a rapid-fire blaster, and Zip caster, a short-range weapon, are the two new major weapons added to the game. Blaster/Splat Bomb/Ink Storm, Splat Charger/Splat Bomb/Ink , Aerospray MG/Splat Bomb/Storm, N-Zap ’85/Splat Bomb/Ink , Tri-Slosher/Splat Bomb/Ink Storm, and Heavy Splatling/Splat Bomb/Ink Storm are eight new sets of existing main paired sub and special weapons. Crucg Capital and Shipshape Cargo Co. Are two new fighting arenas that take place in crab-themed cities and cargo ships, respectively. Now accessible in Salmon Run is the stage known as Salmonid Smokeyard.

For the Tableturf Battle mode, 12 new Tableturf Battle cards have also introduce. In the multiplayer lobby, three new tunes may heard. And a brand-new function called “Adjust Gear” lets users change the way their equipment looks.

Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 Balance Adjustments

To guarantee that all players have a satisfying and balanced experience, the development team has assessed weaponry and equipment. To encourage fairness and variety in engagements, changes have maKe to weapons, sub weapons, and special weapons. Updates to squad battles, Salmon Run refinements, and adjustments to the rotation of the Gear Shop are further improvements. It is now simpler for smaller groups to participate in competitive play. Because squads may now begin rated matches with three players. Additionally, a greater selection of gear is now available in the Gear Shop. Which is update more often to let gamers show off their individual styles.

Weapon and special weapon specs, gear skills, and the number of points needed for special weapons have all changed. Other game types, such as Salmon Run, Splatfests, Tableturf Battle, and lobby features, have also upgrade. The purpose of these is to improve gameplay and users a engaging experience.


The Nintendo Splatoon 3 Version 5.0.0 update provides users with engaging and entertaining new content. The update breathes fresh life into the scene by adding new weaponry, the stages, and balancing the game. Enhancements to quality of life guarantee a more seamless and experience overall. The adds three new songs, 12 new fight cards. Two new main weapons, eight sets of current main weapons combined with various sub and special weapons. Two new fight stages, and an tool “Adjust Gear.” The upgrade is a boost for fans because it also modifications to other modes and current material.

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