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WWE 2k23 Update 1.18 Patch Notes


WWE 2k23 Update 1.18 Patch Notes: WWE 2K22 Update 1.18 will follow, bringing much-needed bug patches, and many are hopeful Universe Mode will be included.

Here’s all we know so far about the WWE 2K23 Update 1.18 Patch Notes’ anticipated release date and what could be fixed. While Visual Concepts has fixed various bugs in order to improve WWE 2K23’s stability, several issues remain unresolved.

There is no official release date for WWE 2K23 Update 1.18 yet, but it should coincide with the next DLC release. The latest three WWE 2K23 updates have all arrived at around the same time, beginning with WWE 2K22 Update 1.09, which arrived one week before the Banzai Pack DLC.

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wwe 2k23 update 1.13 Patch notes
wwe 2k23 update 1.18 Patch notes

While certain issues have been rectified, a slew of glitches continue to plague gamers even after the release of WWE 2K23 Update 1.12. Universe Mode appears to be the worst offender at this moment, with gamers experiencing a slew of troubles with the lauded wrestling sandbox.

Some players’ ability to create shows in certain months remains glitched, crashes appear to be painfully frequent, importing custom PPVs does not function, tag team finishes do not save, NXT 2.0 causes a freeze, and a slew of issues with Universe and imported Community Creations persist.

WWE 2k23 Update 1.18 Patch Notes:

WWE 2K23 patch 1.18 information has been revealed for the PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the WWE 2K23 1.18 patch notes, the forthcoming update will solve MyFaction problems. In addition, WWE 2K23 release 1.18 provides basic stability fixes.

Previously, WWE 2k23 release 1.05 addressed difficulties with servers, MyRISE, Superstar, and other features. WWE 2K23 version 1.06 just includes minor modifications and updates. Unfortunately, people have been reporting problems and crashes since the game’s release. A couple of these bugs will be addressed in WWE 2K23 version 1.18.

  • Addressed UI issues.
  • Fixed missing audio-related issues.
  • Fixed animation issues throughout the game.
  • Addressed crashing issues related to MyFaction and MyRISE.
  • Addressed out-of-memory issues.
  • Other minor tweaks.

Please keep in mind that these are not the final release notes. When the update is released, the full official changelog will be made accessible. More information will be given here when it becomes available.

Is Vader in WWE 2K23?

Vader has the advantage of being one of the finest powerhouses and brawlers in WWE 2K23. He boasts vicious punches that can knock out his WWE 2K23 opponents in a single blow, as well as furious combos that mimic his real-life wrestling style. WWE 2K23 on the PlayStation 5 will require 71.010 GB of storage space, according to PlayStation Game Size on Twitter.

In comparison, PS4 customers will require 64.374 GB of free space to install WWE 2K23. With preloading beginning on March 15, two days before its official release date of March 17. Players may transfer their saves from last-gen to next-gen platforms, such as PC to Xbox. Cross-platform advancement is limited to console families.

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