WWE 2K22 Update 1.22 Patch Notes

WWE 2K22 1.22 Patch Notes: On the PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One, WWE 2K22 update 1.22 was published. Dominik Dijakovic was among the new characters from MyRise that were added in the most recent update, according to the published WWE 2K22 1.22 patch notes. Eliminated warping and distortion when doing the elbow drop. Performance enhancements are also part of WWE 2K22 patch 1.22.

Previously, version 1.07 enhanced Create a Superstar’s stability while employing numerous unique creations with custom portraits. Update 1.22, which includes enhancements to the quality of life, was just released. The plot for Kendo Karnage can no longer crash has been fixed.

WWE 2K22 1.22 Patch Notes
WWE 2K22 1.22 Patch Notes

WWE 2K22 1.22 Patch Note Update:

Unfortunately, there are a number of bugs and crashes that gamers are having to deal with. A couple of these problems will be fixed with the WWE 2K22 patch 1.22 released today.

  • Different changes to manoeuvres enhance collision and targeting.
  • The Signature and Finisher categories have received a number of additions.
  • Fixed an issue where attributes might be set greater than 100.
  • Fixed an issue that might permit rollouts to happen in specific handicap matches.
  • Bugs that prevented some springboards from syncing while playing Elimination Chamber matches have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that had Superstars “float” while carrying out different assaults on the ladder. better barricade hit reactions. Fix a crash that can happen when copying side plates following revisions.

Patch Notes WWE 2K22 1.22 Available Here

  • Fixed issues where weapon damage would occasionally fail to register
  • Fixed a glitch that made Middle Rope finishers unusable.
  • Added a description and fixed a crash that could happen when playing a four-person tornado tag match. PC graphics options.
  • Greater consistency when accepting invitations across the entire game. The opinion that
  • WWE 2K22 is among the best wrestling simulators to come from the franchise in a long time has grown to be largely acknowledged.
  • Unable to download Superstars due to a shared crowd sign issue has been fixed.
  • To reduce clipping issues, CAS pieces have undergone numerous modifications and enhancements.
  • Correction of a crash that occurs while updating base custom side plates after applying lettering.

WWE 2K22 was a return to form for the franchise in terms of gameplay, mechanics, graphics, and the return of cherished features. But despite its splendour, there were numerous game-breaking problems in the game.

WWE 2K22 1.22 Update characters

More MyRISE characters were made playable, new moves were introduced to the Signature and Finisher categories, and the playability, graphic fidelity, and mechanics of the game were all improved. These three changes were the three biggest highlights of the patch.

The omission of playable MyRISE characters in WWE 2K22, including wrestlers like Shinsuke Nakamura and Shawn Michaels, was criticised by the game’s fan community. The patch resolves the problem that they were included in the game mode but were not playable.

WWE 2K22 1.22 Patch Notes Enhanced Gameplay

  • To enhance collision and aiming, many changes have been made to the moves.
  • Correction of warping and deforming when performing an elbow drop. Fix a crash that could happen while duplicating side plates after editing them.
  • To the Signature and Finisher categories, numerous moves have been added.
  • Fixed a problem that would have permitted attributes to be set greater than 100.
  • A flaw that let rollouts to happen during particular handicap matches has been fixed.
  • Fixed issues where some springboards wouldn’t sync when playing Elimination Chamber matches.

WWE 2K22 1.22 Improved Graphics

  • An issue that made Superstars “float” when executing different attacks on the ladder has been fixed. Enhanced barricade hit reactions
  • Bugs that occasionally prevented weapon damage from registering properly have been fixed.
  • The Middle Rope finishers’ malfunctioning bug has been fixed.
  • fixed an issue that could cause a crash when playing a four-person tornado tag match. various CAS component adjustments and enhancements to reduce clipping bugs
  • Editing base custom side plates after applying writing no longer crashes


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