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Rainbow Covenant Quest day 1 Ragnarok Origin Global


Rainbow Covenant Quest day 1 Ragnarok Origin Global: The Rainbow Covenant Quest is a captivating quest in the vast world of Ragnarok Origin Global that offers worthwhile prizes and thrilling difficulties. It is crucial for players to comprehend the specifics of each day’s tasks as they set out on this multi-day expedition.

Rainbow Covenant Quest day 1

We go into the intricacies of Day 1 of the Rainbow Covenant Quest in this extensive post, giving you the knowledge you need to pass this first hurdle.

Rainbow Covenant Quest day 1 Ragnarok Origin Global

In Ragnarok Origin Global, the Rainbow Covenant Quest leads players through a variety of chores and missions that are all intended to enhance the gameplay. Day 1 sets the foundation for the mission by introducing the mechanics, goals, and rewards to adventurers.

Monsters can be defeated by a party. This will speed up and simplify the process of gathering Wind Crystal. To improve your EXP and Zeny gains, consume a meal or potion with a buff. You’ll have access to Guild Expeditions through this, which are a great way to get experience points and zeny. Though it could take some time, it is absolutely feasible to do all of the tasks.

How to Complete Rainbow Covenant Quest day 1

Perform your daily tasks EXP and Zeny may be earned in this manner most easily.
Get rid of the creatures in the Wind Valley region. The greatest location to cultivate Wind Crystal is here. Make a Zeny donation to your guild. Guild Contribution may be obtained quickly in this fashion. Finish your expeditions this is a productive technique to get resources, EXP, and Zeny.

To access the Day 1 goals, open your quest log and go to the Rainbow Covenant Quest. Taking on the Quest If you haven’t already, take on the quest and get right into the action-packed first section of the journey. A list of goals are present on Day 1 of the Rainbow Covenant Quest, including anything from obtaining supplies to exploring the virtual realm. These goals might consist of. As specified in the quest log, collect particular goods, materials, or resources from enemies, nodes, or particular locations. Explore the selected places and engage with NPCs or items that contain vital information for the mission. By reading material or having conversations with NPCs, you may become immersed in the game’s lore while adding to the story of the mission.

More About Rainbow Covenant Quest Ragnarok Origin Global

The Rainbow Covenant Quest’s first day’s completion grants players a range of gifts. Experience points, in-game money, expensive equipment, and maybe unique cosmetic items are some examples of these incentives.

Pay close attention to the mission descriptions because they provide important information about the goals and you should concentrate on. Arm yourself with the tools, resources, and consumables that will help you achieve the goals. If require defeating difficult, think about with other players to improve your chances of success. You go farther in the Rainbow Covenant Quest after finishing Day 1. To get ready for the duties and adventures that lie ahead in the next days, remain watchful and keep an eye on your quest journal.


Ragnarok Origin Global’s Rainbow Covenant Quest’s first day sets the stage for an action-packed and satisfying journey. You’ll learn about Ragnarok Origin Global’s challenging and immersive environment as you progress through the missions, goals, and prizes. You’ll set off on an adventure that promises to enhance your game experience. And reveal the mysteries of this enthralling region by accepting the tasks at hand and working with other players.

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