Rainbow Covenant Event Quest day 2 Ragnarok Origin Global

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Origin of Ragnarok Global’s Rainbow Covenant Quest is a one-of-a-kind event takes place from August 18 to September 14, 2023. During event, players may complete activities to earn rewards as special products, consumables, and even a new pet.

Rainbow Covenant Quest day 2 Ragnarok Origin Global
Rainbow Covenant Quest day 2 Ragnarok Origin Global

Rainbow Covenant Quest day 2 Ragnarok Origin Global

The Rainbow Covenant Quest is one of many quests and adventures available in the Ragnarok Origin Global realm. Before embarking on this exhilarating trip, players understand the mechanics, objectives, and rewards of day’s work.This section focuses on the Rainbow Covenant Ring quest’s Day 2 objectives. The assignment is into two parts, and in order to participate in the quests for day two, players must complete a number of tasks. On day 2, players accomplish a series of more difficult missions in order to get the Rainbow Covenant Cape.

This powerful cape provides advantages, including boosted stats, damage reduction to status effects. To complete the Rainbow Covenant Quest, players must be at least level 30. They must also able to combat difficult opponents and understand the game’s concepts.

How to Complete Rainbow Covenant Quest day 2

The missions for day 2 are much more difficult than the tasks for day 1. They include activities like as defeating difficult adversaries, escaping dungeons, and completing one-of-a-kind tasks. Players may learn about the day 2 missions with the Rainbow Covenant NPC in Prontera. 500,000 Zeny, 500 Mysterious Crystals, 500 EXP potions, and 500 SP potions make up the Rainbow Covenant Cape. 10 tokens of the Rainbow Covenant. preferably level 30. Know the rules of the game and out. Be able to beat difficult foes. A guild or group can assist you in completing the tasks.Make the most of the tools and talents at your disposal.

Open your quest diary to see the Day 2 goals and the Rainbow Covenant Quest. Before proceeding to Day 2 of the assignment, that Day 1 was a success. Gather certain materials, items, or resources from opponents, nodes, or other sources, as specified in the mission log. Explore certain regions and interact with NPCs that convey important quest-related information to find hidden prizes. You can go through activities that warfare by confronting and powerful opponents or monsters that stand in your way.

More Information’s Rainbow Covenant Quest

The second day of the Rainbow Covenant Quest rewards magnificent riches, experience points, and unique cosmetics or travel items. The mission description carefully, store up on resources, gear, and potions, and, if necessary, with other players to finish Day 2.Complete Day 2 to go to the level of the quest, where you will get gifts and face . Check your task log to verify you’re ready for the next phase.


The second day of the Rainbow Covenant Quest awards unique cosmetics or travel items, experience points, and precious treasures. To finish Day 2, read the task instructions, gather supplies, equipment, and potions, and, if necessary, cooperate with other players. The Rainbow Covenant Quest in Ragnarok is a great method to have fun and earn gifts that are worthy.

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