How to Easily Hold 4 Weapons of Legendary Rarity or Better at once Fortnite

How to Easily Hold 4 Weapons of Legendary Rarity or Better at once Fortnite: Staying ahead of the competitors in the ever-changing world of Fortnite demands not just exceptional construction and shooting abilities.

But also a thorough grasp of the game’s mechanics and strategy. The ability to carry four weapons of legendary rarity or greater at the same time is one of the game’s most sought achievements. This degree of inventory management may provide you with a major advantage in battle, allowing you to react to various scenarios without missing a beat. We’ll break down the stages to accomplishing this astounding achievement and equip you with the knowledge you need to conquer the battlefield in this tutorial.

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How to Easily Hold 4 Weapons of Legendary Rarity or Better at once Fortnite
How to Easily Hold 4 Weapons of Legendary Rarity or Better at once Fortnite

How to Easily Hold 4 Weapons of Legendary Rarity or Better at once Fortnite:

Landing at high-tier treasure spots is the first step towards getting a loadout of four legendary or better weapons. These regions have their own distinct colour on the map, and they have a higher probability of producing rare and legendary weapons. Popular locations with a high density of valuable treasure include Doom’s Domain, Catty Corner, and The Authority. When you land here, you’re already on your way to constructing your ideal loadout.

When it comes to getting legendary weapons, chests and supply drops are your greatest friends. Always prioritise opening chests and pursuing supply drops since they contain the finest treasure in the game. Keep a look out for legendary weapons with a striking golden colour. Once you’ve obtained a few of legendary weapons, the goal is to carefully change them out.

Examine your playing style and the present scenario. Do you prefer intimate fighting or long-range combat? Are you up against a group of opponents or simply one? You can choose which legendary weapons to carry based on these characteristics. Keep in mind that having a well-balanced loadout that covers a variety of ranges and circumstances will considerably increase your chances of success.

Utilize the Mythic Weapon Slot:

Fortnite introduces the notion of a fabled weapon slot in addition to conventional inventory slots. Mythic weapons are more powerful and rarer than legendary weapons. Typically, you may find them by defeating powerful AI-controlled enemies or monsters placed around the battlefield. These weapons often have special properties that may frequently tip the battle in your favour. You may have to give up some less important things to make way for that coveted fourth legendary or mythic weapon.

Dropping ammo, consumables, and duplicate weapons frees up inventory space. Remember that your primary aim is to have the greatest armament available, so make whatever necessary compromises. While developing a renowned weapon arsenal is amazing, don’t forget about the storm. Maintain constant awareness of the storm’s progress and prioritise your own survival. A well-rounded loadout won’t help you if you’re killed by the storm’s damage.


To summarise, possessing four legendary rarity or better weapons in Fortnite necessitates a combination of strategy, decision-making, and a splash of luck. Landing in high-tier treasure areas, prioritising chests and supply drops, and tactically swapping weapons are all necessary stages towards accomplishing this impressive achievement.

You may tip the odds in your favour and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield by utilising the fabled weapon slot and making wise inventory management selections. Just remember to adjust your approach based on the changing games and to keep the storm in mind at all times. Good luck, and may your inventory always be brimming with legendary riches!

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