How to Easily Damage Opponents within 10 seconds of Mantling or Sprinting Fortnite

How to Easily Damage Opponents within 10 seconds of Mantling or Sprinting Fortnite: Every second counts in Fortnite’s hectic world. A crucial ability that may tip the balance of a battle royale encounter in your favour is securing swift eliminations.

One of the most thrilling ways to surprise opponents is to damage them shortly after mantling or sprinting. In this post, we’ll look at several ideas and tactics that can help you pull off these blazingly quick takedowns and improve your gaming. Players may level up their Battle Pass by completing the new Fortnite challenges, which have just been released. The Week 10 tasks were made available on Thursday, August 11, and they will be available until Chapter 3 Season 3 is through.

There are nine weekly missions in all, much like the nine weeks before. Players must deal damage to opponents within 10 seconds after sprinting with a Zero Point Fish in one of them. Although the Fortnite Week 10 tasks are rather simple, if you have trouble finishing them, this guide will be of assistance. This article will outline the challenge’s simplest solution as well as how to hurt opponents within 10 seconds of rushing with a Zero Point Fish.

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How to Easily Damage Opponents within 10 seconds of Mantling or Sprinting Fortnite
How to Easily Damage Opponents within 10 seconds of Mantling or Sprinting Fortnite

How to Easily Damage Opponents within 10 seconds:

In Chapter 2 Season 5, Epic Games introduced the Zero Point Fish for the first time to Fortnite Battle Royale. The Zero Point was revealed in the centre of the map during this season, and it had a significant impact on the subsequent events. Players that enjoy moving swiftly during combat will adore this fish since it enables them to teleport behind foes. You can dash and warp for a brief distance after eating the fish, just long enough to catch an opponent off guard.

Players have 10 seconds to harm opponents after sprinting with a Zero Point Fish as part of the Week 10 challenge. To achieve this, you must first get the fish, and fishing is the simplest way to do this. Grab a fishing rod or a harpoon gun since your first few catches will include a Zero Point Fish. Although Epic Games hasn’t specified the precise spawn probability of a Zero Point Fish, it appears to be rather high. This is expected given that the game’s creator wants Fortnite players to use the fish that was recently unvaulted.

Loadout Matters:

Quick eliminations are significantly influenced by your weapon loadout. Consider the following loadout suggestions while trying to harm opponents after mantling or sprinting: To ensure significant burst damage at close range, choose a close-quarters weapon like a shotgun or SMG. Equip yourself with a multipurpose weapon, such an assault rifle. You will be able to engage opponents both up close and at a reasonable distance thanks to this.

Carry grenades or other useful tools to confuse adversaries and cause havoc during close combat. After the catch, you must harm your opponents with a Zero Point Fish within 10 seconds after sprinting. You must employ the fish carefully and eat it immediately before engaging in combat with an adversary since it has a finite lifespan.


In Fortnite, mastering the skill of harming opponents after mantling or sprinting calls for a combination of strategy, awareness, and perfect execution. These quick takedowns may blindside opponents, giving you the advantage in the fight. Spend time developing your talents in a variety of situations since, as they say, practise makes perfect. If you work hard and develop your abilities, you’ll become a powerful force in the Fortnite arena that can intimidate any opponent inside the first 10 seconds of a match.

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