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Fall Guys Update 1.26 Patch Notes


Fall Guys Update 1.26: Fall Guys, the immensely popular online party game, has received a new update that promises to push the mayhem and excitement to new heights, sending the gaming industry into a frenzy.

The Mediatonic development team has infused a dose of freshness into the already crazy gameplay with Update 1.26, leaving players wanting to return to the fanciful world of jellybean-like contestants and entertaining obstacle courses. From new rounds to new features, let’s go into the intricacies of Fall Guys Update 1.26 and see how it affects the game environment.

Fall Guys version 1.26 is now available for PS4 and PC users to download. According to the patch notes for Fall Guys 1.26, the current Fall Guys Season 5 update adds new levels, features, and more. Aside from that, Fall Guys version 1.26 features stability improvements.

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Fall Guys Update 1.26
Fall Guys Update 1.26

A previous major update introduced a new level (Big Fans), additional variants across the game, a new naming system, and other changes. A hotfix was also recently published. Unfortunately, some gamers are still experiencing difficulties. A couple of these issues have been addressed in today’s Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout version 1.26.

Fall Guys Update 1.26:

Update 1.26 adds a number of new rounds to the game, bringing it to life by pushing players with inventive obstacle courses and imaginative challenges. Each each round has a unique combination of strategy and mayhem, keeping players on their toes as they negotiate the pandemonium. “Tricky Tiles,” one of the notable new rounds, requires participants to quickly identify which tiles are safe to walk on as they disintegrate beneath their feet. This round mixes fast thinking, reflexes, and a dash of luck, giving the game an intriguing new dimension.

“Rolling Relay,” a team-based game that involves collaboration and teamwork to move big rolling balls across dangerous levels, is another appealing addition. This new team round adds a strategic aspect to the gameplay. Update 1.26 includes not only gameplay improvements, but also graphic enhancements and personalization choices. Players may now personalise their beans with a wider range of clothes, emotes, and colour palettes, allowing for even more customization.

This enhanced individualism allows gamers to separate out from the jellybean mob and show their own selves. Furthermore, Mediatonic has used the chance to improve the game’s aesthetics, making landscapes more bright and detailed than ever before. Fall Guys’ colourful and delightful environment is now more aesthetically appealing, enticing gamers deeper beyond its quirky attraction.

Quality of Life Improvements:

Update 1.26 focuses on improving the overall gameplay experience rather than delivering new content. Mediatonic has listened to player comments and incorporated various quality of life enhancements. These include enhanced server stability and optimised matching algorithms.

Resulting in a smoother and more pleasurable gameplay experience for everybody. Fall Guys Update 1.26 injects new life into the famous party game, winning the hearts of both seasoned and newbies alike. The update continues to raise the Fall Guys experience, with new rounds that test players’ brains and reflexes, expanded personalization possibilities, and overall quality of life enhancements.


Mediatonic’s focus to improving the game while remaining loyal to its basic appeal demonstrates a commitment to create a title that will stand the test of time. As the Fall Guys community excitedly awaits Update 1.26, it’s evident that the game’s adventure is far from done, and fans can’t wait to see what wacky surprises the devs have in store for the future.

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