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Ascension Update v0.9.0.0 Patch Notes Update


Ascension Update v0.9.0.0 Patch Notes: The long-awaited Ascension Update v0.9.0.0 has finally come, bringing with it a slew of new features, improvements, and fixes that are destined to transform the game experience for players all around the world.

This in-depth patch notes article will go into the core of this update, emphasising the major changes that players can anticipate to see in their virtual experiences. After its release in 2020, the horror game Phasmophobia swept Twitch and the internet by storm, and its player base has only grown since then.

As new individuals join Phasmophobia for the first time, while others log in for their thousandth game, creators continue to update the game for everyone’s enjoyment. However, Kinetic Games’ intentions to update the game in 2022 did not happen as planned.

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Ascension Update v0.9.0.0 Patch Notes
Ascension Update v0.9.0.0 Patch Notes

The initial strategy, which was presented earlier this year, fell through due to developers’ inability to achieve certain commitments, thus a new roadmap was just issued. Let’s take a look at the revised Phasmophobia roadmap to see what the rest of the year has in store for gamers.

Ascension Update v0.9.0.0 Patch Notes:

Prepare to venture into unexplored territory as the Celestial Realms Expansion is introduced in the Ascension Update. This addition expands the game universe by allowing players to travel across breathtaking landscapes, encounter magical creatures, and discover hidden treasures.

The expansion adds a new plot, creating a gripping narrative that will keep gamers engrossed for hours. With the introduction of the Wings of Glory mounts, you may soar to new heights. These magnificent beasts not only provide transportation but also have special powers that can help gamers on their journeys. These mounts will be important partners on your adventure, from flying over lofty peaks to negotiating dangerous terrain.


The crafting system has been completely revamp, giving players a more intuitive and simplifie crafting experience. Players may now go on a progression-based crafting adventure, unlocking new recipes and resources as they move through the game, thanks to the addition of crafting tiers. The Ascension Update gives the game a visual makeover, improving the visuals and animations to create a more immersive and magnificent atmosphere.

Every facet of the game’s aesthetics has been thoroughly developed, from the beautiful features of the Celestial Realms to the fluid motions of the Wings of Glory mounts. With the addition of player housing, you may create your own refuge in the Celestial Realms. Customise and design your home to your heart’s delight.

Displaying your own style and accomplishments to other players that visit your realm. The user interface has been improve to make it more user-friendly. Players can simply obtain the information they need and engage with the game environment thanks to enhanced navigation, better menu organisation, and a cleaner overall design.

Improved Multiplayer Interaction:

It is now easier than ever to collaborate with friends and fellow travellers. The update adds new multiplayer capabilities, such as the ability to create exploration teams, exchange resources, and communicate easily while exploring the Celestial Realms. The Ascension Update fixes a number of bugs and stability concerns that players may have encountered in prior versions.

The optimisation of performance means that the game plays smoothly across a larger range of devices, offering a consistent and pleasurable experience. Localization enhancements introduce in this version will be appreciate by layers all around the world. The in-game text has been more correctly translate, allowing players from various linguistic backgrounds to completely immerse themselves in the game’s narrative.


With its enormous content additions, intriguing features, and enhancements meant to improve the overall player experience, the Ascension Update v0.9.0.0 represents a critical milestone in the game’s growth. As players begin on their adventure through the Celestial Realms and form enduring bonds with their newfound friends, it’s evident that this update has raised the bar for what’s possible in the gaming world.

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