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Evil Dead The Game Update 1.52 Patch Notes


Evil Dead The Game Update 1.52: Fans of horror gaming and the classic Evil Dead franchise may celebrate as the highly anticipated Evil Dead The Game receives a spine-chilling update that will immerse players even further into the frightening environment.

Update 1.52 is expected to provide a slew of new features, improvements, and fixes that will definitely have players on the edge of their seats. In this post, we will look at the major aspects of this update and how they affect the entire gameplay experience. Sabre Interactive has published Evil Dead: The Game update 1.52 (PS5 version 1.500.200), which includes a number of changes for Survivors and other features. Check out the August 16 patch notes for everything new in Evil Dead The Game.

One of Evil Dead’s most exciting parts The introduction of new playable characters is the focus of Game Update 1.52. Players may now put themselves in the shoes of well-known characters from the Evil Dead world, each with their own set of talents and capabilities. The inclusion of new characters, whether it’s Ash Williams’ legendary chainsaw arm or Annie Knowby’s mastery of dark magic, injects additional excitement into the game, enabling players to experiment with alternative playstyles and strategies.

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Evil Dead The Game Update 1.52
Evil Dead The Game Update 1.52

Evil Dead The Game Update 1.52:

The update also introduces new and frightening areas for players to explore, such as lonely cottages deep in the woods and dilapidated vaults that hold secrets better left alone. These new landscapes have been painstakingly construct to replicate the spine-chilling mood that Evil Dead fans have grown to anticipate. Players must cautiously explore these frightening surroundings while fighting off waves of deadly monsters.

The character and map additions in Update 1.52 are only the beginning. The gaming mechanics have been fine-tuned by the creators to increase the suspense and dread element. The malicious Deadites’ AI has been improved, making them more clever and deadly opponents. To escape the assault of otherworldly opponents, players will need to depend on their wits, reflexes, and collaboration.

Bug Fixes:

Along with the exciting new features, Evil Dead. The Game Update 1.52 resolves a number of bugs and issues that may have hampered the gaming experience. Quality of life enhancements, such as speedier matchmaking and more simplified menus. Have also been incorporate to ensure that players can jump right into the action.

The makers of Evil Dead The Game have shown a dedication to connecting with the player community and listening to their input. The conclusion of their efforts is Update 1.52, which not only delivers new content but also resolves player issues and wishes. This degree of participation speaks well for the game’s future, guaranteeing a steady stream of improvements that will keep the experience fresh and fascinating for both new and returning players.


The release of Evil Dead The Game Update 1.52 demonstrates the game’s continued progress. The producers’ commitment to offering a spine-chilling and immersive experience for horror fans. Players are in for a treat with new characters, areas, gameplay updates. Bug fixes that promise to keep them immersed in the scary world of Evil Dead. As the game develops and evolves. Players can look forward to additional amazing updates. That will ensure their heart-pounding journey never ends.

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