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Epic Seven 8.17 Patch Notes


Epic Seven 8.17 Patch Notes: The long-awaited Epic Seven Patch 8.17 has come, bringing a slew of new features, balancing tweaks, and quality of life enhancements to the famous mobile RPG.

This patch is designe to revitalise the Epic Seven experience for both new and veteran players by improving gameplay, responding to player input, and offering new content. Let’s have a look at the intriguing improvements in this newest release. Seraphina, the Astral Scribe, a compelling new Hero, joins the lineup in Patch 8.17.

Seraphina’s unusual abilities and fascinating design have already sparked interest within the Epic Seven community. She promises to introduce a new aspect to team compositions and strategies as a 5-star Light Mage, with a mix of crowd control, healing, and damage-dealing abilities. Experiment with her abilities and synergies to maximise her combat potential.

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Epic Seven 8.17 Patch Notes
Epic Seven 8.17 Patch Notes

Epic Seven 8.17 Patch Notes:

The development team has been actively watching the game’s meta and listening to player input, which has resulted in a number of hero balancing tweaks in this patch. Certain heroes’ powers, attributes, or mechanics have been tweak to offer a more diverse and exciting fighting environment. These modifications are intend to promote the employment of a broader choice of characters in various game types.

Eventually expanding Epic Seven’s strategic depth. Several artefacts have been modified in Patch 8.17 to guarantee a balanced and fascinating artefact pool for players to pick from. In addition, new artefacts have been included, each with its own set of effects that can have a huge impact on combat. Players must carefully examine these artefacts while optimising their squads and prepare for difficult battles.


Epic Seven has always endeavoured to create an enjoyable and engaging experience. This patch maintains that trend by implementing a number of quality-of-life enhancements based on user input. These updates, which range from improved UI elements to simplifie inventory management, are intended to make navigating the game environment and managing resources easier and more intuitive than ever before.

A number of limited-time activities and awards are available for players to participate in to celebrate the release of Patch 8.17. These events include opportunities to acquire rare in-game goods, currencies, and even a special Hero Summoning Ticket, offering sufficient motivation to dig into the latest content and enjoy everything that the patch has to offer.

Bug Fixes:

Smilegate’s development team has worked hard to fix any bugs or performance difficulties that gamers may have encountered. This devotion to enhancing the entire gameplay experience indicates the team’s commitment to creating a professional and pleasant product. Finally, Epic Seven Patch 8.17 adds a slew of new content, balancing tweaks, and quality-of-life enhancements to the game.

Players will get a new and exciting experience as they explore the revamped meta, experiment with new team compositions, and tackle challenges with the addition of the intriguing new Hero Seraphina, the Astral Scribe. Patch 8.17 has something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned player or fresh to the world of Orbis. So, assemble your heroes, embark on an adventure, and take advantage of all the improvements this patch has to offer.

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