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How to Complete Duck Fleet Achievement in BGMI Location


How to Complete Duck Fleet Achievement in BGMI Location: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) provides a plethora of challenges and achievements to keep players interested and motivated.

One such achievement that sticks out is the “Duck Fleet” award, which requires you to navigate the skies and prove your mettle as an aerial warfare master. This tutorial will coach you through every step of completing the Duck Fleet accomplishment by masterfully manoeuvring through the skies in BGMI.

The Duck Fleet accomplishment challenges players to use airdrop weapons to destroy a specified number of flying foes. Completing this achievement not only adds to your achievement total, but also demonstrates your ability to use airdrop weaponry efficiently.

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How to Complete Duck Fleet Achievement in BGMI Location
How to Complete Duck Fleet Achievement in BGMI Location

How to Complete Duck Fleet Achievement in BGMI Location:

Making sure you have access to airdrop weapons is the first stage in completing the Duck Fleet accomplishment. During the match, keep a look out for airdrop boxes. These crates contain high-tier weapons, including those required for the accomplishment. Weapons like the M249, AWM, and MK14 are frequently discovered in airdrop boxes and may be utilised to effectively defeat flying adversaries. After you’ve obtained the proper airdrop weaponry, keep a constant eye on the skies.

In BGMI, aerial warfare entails identifying opposing players who are parachuting or utilising gliders. To guarantee precise shots, pay attention to these players’ trajectory and location. When attempting to complete the Duck Fleet achievement, timing is crucial. Because airdrop weapons have limited ammo, you want to maximise your chances of eliminating your target.

Wait for a somewhat motionless airborne adversary, such as when they are gliding downwards or parachuting, as this increases your chances of landing precise shots. Take aim at the head! Landing headshots on flying adversaries increases your chances of knocking them out quickly. Because airdrop weapons frequently have tremendous damage potential, headshots become much more devastating. Take your time aiming and adjusting your shots based on the distance and movement of your target.

Patience and Persistence:

Completing the Duck Fleet milestone may take some time. It takes perseverance and patience. Continue to hone your aerial combat abilities and improve your marksmanship. You’ll grow more competent at forecasting the movement of flying foes as you acquire experience, giving you an advantage in obtaining the accomplishment.

Aerial combat might be difficult, but completing the Duck Fleet award with the support of your colleagues is not impossible. Collaborate with your team to more efficiently detect and defeat aerial attackers. Communicate about adversary locations and, if required, exchange airdrop weaponry.


The Duck Fleet accomplishment in BGMI puts your talents in aerial combat and precision shooting to the test. You may improve your ability to eliminate flying adversaries utilising airdrop weapons by following the procedures provided in this article. Remember that practise makes perfect, so keep polishing your abilities and adjusting your plan as needed. With commitment and persistence, you’ll soon be confidently soaring over the sky and completing the Duck Fleet accomplishment. Best wishes, and may your bullets always hit their target!

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