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BGMI Wish Come True Achievement New Dragon Ball


BGMI Wish Come True Achievement New Dragon Ball: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has teamed up with the popular Dragon Ball franchise to deliver an exciting new accomplishment dubbed “Wish Come True.”

This innovative cooperation has caught the gaming industry by storm. This extraordinary cooperation has not only delighted fans of both BGMI and Dragon Ball, but it has also established a new benchmark for in-game collaborations, offering players with an amazing experience that combines the worlds of battle royale gaming and anime. Krafton’s BGMI has captured the hearts of mobile players all around the world with its furious battle royale action set in realistic landscapes.

Dragon Ball, on the other hand, has remained a cultural phenomenon since its start, with a vast audience thanks to its iconic characters, intense bouts, and captivating plots. The “Wish Come True” achievement connects these two legendary realms in ways that both series fans could only hope for. This accomplishment is the product of diligent teamwork, with aspects from the Dragon Ball series incorporated directly into the BGMI experience.

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BGMI Wish Come True Achievement New Dragon Ball
BGMI Wish Come True Achievement New Dragon Ball

The Wish Come True Achievement What to Expect:

Players may now dress their in-game avatars in classic Dragon Ball clothes, transforming them into fan favourites like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and others. This feature enables gamers to easily merge the two universes and battle as their favourite Dragon Ball characters. New fight venues inspired by classic Dragon Ball locations, such as the World Martial Arts Tournament arena, the Kame House, and Capsule Corporation, are included in the partnership.

These arenas provide a new twist to the conventional BGMI battlefields while also bringing back memories for Dragon Ball fans. The “Wish Come True” accomplishment grants players special skills to use throughout matches. These skills, which range from unleashing Kamehameha waves to quickly teleporting across the map, provide a strategic depth to the action. Players may gather Dragon Balls as in-game goods throughout the cooperation. After collecting all seven Dragon Balls, players can make a wish for special goodies like as limited-time character skins, unique emotes, and more.

Impact and Community Reaction:

The achievement of “Wish Come True” has received considerable notice and admiration from both the BGMI community and Dragon Ball fans. Players have voiced their delight at the seamless incorporation of Dragon Ball themes into the BGMI environment, and social media channels have been flooded with screenshots and videos displaying the new cooperation.

This cooperation has also increased fan involvement, with gamers discussing their favourite moments from both BGMI and Dragon Ball and sharing their experiences battling as iconic characters in the virtual world. The “Wish Come True” feat in BGMI is a monument to the power of teamwork and the game industry’s limitless potential.

This achievement has produced a unique and exhilarating experience for players by fusing the universes of BGMI and Dragon Ball, giving them the ability to live out their fantasies of battling as legendary characters in both the battle royale arena and the anime world.


Collaborations like this open the door for fascinating crossovers that transcend traditional borders and engage gamers in inventive and unforgettable gaming experiences as the gaming environment evolves. The “Wish Come True” feat will surely be regarded as a watershed point in both the BGMI and Dragon Ball paths, creating an indelible impression on supporters and viewers alike.

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