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Tarkov The Terragroup Trail Quest Guide


Tarkov The Terragroup Trail: Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game being developed for Windows by Battlestate Games.

The game takes place in the fictitious Norvinsk territory, where two private military corporations are at war. Is it possible to buy Escape from Tarkov on Steam? Escape from Tarkov, unlike other games, is not accessible on any of the major gaming clients such as Steam, Epic Games, or Origin. Instead, you may only purchase the game via the EFT’s official website.

The game is still in closed beta and can only be purchased through Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov website. You may download and play the game using its own launcher. Go to their website by clicking here. After selecting a map and a PMC (the player’s main character), the option to play offline is available. The user converts Escape from Tarkov from an online, multiplayer shooter to a solitary, offline shooter by checking the “Enable Offline Mode for this raid” box.

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Tarkov The Terragroup Trail
Tarkov The Terragroup Trail

Escape from Tarkov is a gruelling competitive FPS survival game with several intricate, ambiguous mission chains, such as The TerraGroup Trail. This Fence quest line is a 15-part chain in which survivors attempt to withdraw from numerous maps while accomplishing multiple goals. Tarkov’s TerraGroup Trail is one of the game’s longest mission chains, however it may be shortened by completing other objectives.

Tarkov The Terragroup Trail:

The quest chain consists of a staggering 15 tasks. Players will get intimately acquainted with some of the most disputed maps in Escape from Tarkov as they undertake this mission. This is also termed a late-wipe chain. It necessitates a significant amount of resources, including the Black Lab Keycard and hiding room capabilities.

Part 1:

The TerraGroup Trail Part 1 in Tarkov begins with a bang, with suggestions of probable drug usage, a profusion of riches, and the Health Resort. You’re looking for a truck on the west side of the Health Resort, among several bodies. The quest will be updated, and you must successfully extract to finish the first portion. The vehicle is located to the southwest. The Therapist assigns the player the duty of figuring out what drug the Scavs are on.

Once you start this quest, the drugs may spawn on one of two maps: Shoreline or Lighthouse. They spawn near the destroyed vehicle from Part 1 on Shoreline. However, on Lighthouse, these warriors may be seen around the major settlement. While the requisite opponents will spawn, there is a risk that the treasure will not. You’re seeking for a ‘Odolbos N.’ syringe or injector.

Part 2:

The Therapist sends you to Prapor, after which you return to the Lighthouse. You must locate a laptop at the Water Treatment Plant, which can spawn in one of three locations. All possible spawning are close together yet include open expanses — travel with purpose while scrolling roadways. Check the tops of the sandbags at (1), the portable toilet at (2) and behind a container in the red connex at (3).

Part 4 is the first confrontation with a quest chain boss, Sanitar. Prapor requires players to disrupt a meeting between Sanitar and Goons on Shoreline. Because it is close quarters, it may be prudent to bring CQB armament in addition to the conventional long/mid-range weaponry required. These tasks are exclusively contained within the menus. After speaking with Prapor, proceed to the Mechanic to complete this quest and obtain Part 6.

To proceed to step 7, give the Mechanic five actual Bitcoins, which may be located in safes. Step 7 requires players to just speak with the Therapist. Part 8 continues the task. When this quest was released, it raised a few eyebrows in the community. You must disguise yourself as a Russian soldier and eliminate 10 Scavs on any open map other than The Labs. You’ll need a full RU-based loadout, from guns to equipment, for this to function. As a general rule, only utilise Prapor’s equipment, as he exclusively offers Russian gear.

Part 3:

If you’ve previously finished Network Provider, Part 2, you won’t be able to accomplish this quest. If the objective has already been accomplished, the Mechanic will note it, and the quest chain will proceed without this phase. This objective requires players to travel to the Lighthouse and place four radio repeaters acquired from Mechanic around the map. Slowly move, determining your course depending on first spawn and audible contact.

This quest, like Part 11, may be accomplished through a separate quest that is not part of Tarkov’s TerraGroup Trail quest chain. As a result, if players have already finished Knock-Knock, this quest will end with speech from the Mechanic. Regardless, it’s simple because you need to bring stuff to complete this mission.

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