How to Remove the Brain from the Body Baldur’s Gate 3

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How to Remove the Brain from the Body Baldur's Gate 3
How to Remove the Brain from the Body Baldur’s Gate 3

You have the option to either eliminate or remove the brain, which is present in Myrnath’s head, at the beginning of Baldur’s Gate 3. The best course of action depends on the results; the brain can be maimed, destroyed, or both. This tutorial discusses the optimal course of action for dealing with the Intellect Devourer as well as the potential consequences.

How to Remove the Brain from the Body Baldur’s Gate 3

Use a strength or dexterity check to pry Myrnath’s brain out of his skull. If successful, Us joins the tutorial crew of the Mind Flayer Nautiloid spacecraft as a temporary ally and comrade. Disrupting the brain prevents the decision from fully forming, cancelling it out, and leaving us with no actual benefit. A Dexterity DC 15 check to mutate the brain can make it less harmful. If successful, Us engages in fight with you. Removing the brain currently has no known benefits or drawbacks, although it could do so in future iterations of the game.

We advise liberating rather than mutilating this new lifeform because of this. Us is essentially a minor, momentary benefit in the game’s opening chapter a controlled, powerful, ally with plenty of health and effective melee strikes that are compatible with many of the normal Baldur’s Gate 3.

You must decide whether to compare the result to your Examination, power, or Dexterity stats. Players who successfully complete any of the three checks lose the brain. The choice is then given to “cripple the strange being, making it less independent should it prove to be a threat.” As of this writing, I am unsure of the results of this choice. It doesn’t appear to become any weaker. Regardless, when the brain has been removed, it will develop legs and tentacles and join the party.

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We haven’t yet discovered any drawbacks to releasing the talking brain in Baldur’s Gate 3. Although it would seem like a good idea to the Intellect, there are no benefits to doing so. The only consequence we are aware of is that if you fail, you’ll have to battle it. The Intellect Devourer is a true tank and facilitates passage through the Nautili. The talking brain will begin whispering to the players as soon as they enter the room where it is located. The creature is on a platform that may be reached via a brief lift ride.

After the sequence with the Nautiloid, Us does not, as of this writing, return. This does not imply that it won’t appear again when the entire game is released. You must battle hostile Intellect Devourers in the beginning region after leaving the Nautiloid if you approach too closely.

Early on in Baldur’s Gate 3, players must choose whether to release or kill a talking brain. After creating their characters, they come upon a brain-exposed guy who requests to be freed before the Nautiloid soldiers reappear.

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