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How to Get Recollection Lobby Blue Archive


Recollection Lobby Blue Archive: The following a article Recollection Lobby Blue Archive. To learn more article see in Official Panda.

Recollection Lobby Blue Archive
Recollection Lobby Blue Archive

Teachers can use the Relationship mechanic to unlock students’ Relationship Rank Bonus, Relationship Story, and Memorial Lobby. Relationship Rank Bonuses are extra stats added to students’ basic stats that gradually improve as the relationship grows stronger. From Relationship 1 to 20 50, the Primary Bonus is available, whereas from Relationship 11 to 20 50, the Secondary Bonus is available. Both original and variation students receive bond bonuses.

Recollection Lobby Blue Archive

a particular lobby that you may access by building up your relationship status with a student. To convert the regular lobby into a Recollection Lobby, choose a student to serve as your representative. From the game’s lobby screen, you may replace the representative student you chose if you used the Recollection Lobby. To interact, tap anywhere inside the Recollection Lobby.

Recollection Lobby Blue Archive students can view their Relationship Story by messaging professors via Moonwalk. The Recollection Lobby is a Live 2D representation of a student’s behavior relating to their Relationship Story that may be seen and set as the lobby’s home screen. A maximum of ten students can be added to the lobby home screen roster.

A entertaining tactical role-playing game, Blue Archive features a large cast of characters. You may acquire a variety of fascinating characters using the Gacha system and assemble teams made up of them for various missions. Additionally, we will explain how to interact with your characters in this tutorial so you can get the Recollection Lobby.

How to Get Recollection Lobby Blue Archive

The primary screen of the live “Recollection Lobby” shows daily activities of the characters. Players must raise their connection level to a certain friendship level, such level 10 for Rikuhachima Aru, in order to access these wallpapers. You may obtain the gorgeous animated wallpapers by increasing your friendship with them.

Tap on them and send them invitations everyday to connect with characters at a café. Give the characters presents by dragging and dropping them to foster camaraderie. To show whether the present fits, an emoji will appear above the character’s head. Only the crafting menu may be used to get gifts.

Do daily courses with a maximum of three per day to boost friendship levels. Talk to characters in Momo Talk to find out more about them and strengthen relationships. By using these techniques, you may level up chosen characters rapidly and get access to the Recollection Lobby.

I played about in Hina’s reminiscence lobby and found unique interactions. When clicked, characters repeat dialogue from events, and you can head pat them like Arona and other characters. Additionally, keeping your finger on their eyes when you release it will make them follow your sight. You can access their memories of the momo talk event whenever your affectionate relationship with them reaches a particular degree. However, take note that certain 1* characters lack remembrance memory. Oh, and you can also check this page to see what attachment level is required for a character to open their memory of past events.

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