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Claim Capture Points in Fortnite Week 9 Quest Explain


Claim Capture Points in Fortnite Week 9 Quest Explain: Players must secure Capture Points throughout the map as part of a new Fortnite weekly objective.

The game, as predicted, does not disclose where to discover Capture Points, and even if you do find one, claiming it can be difficult. Here’s all you need to know about claiming Fortnite Capture Points. One of the last chances to get your hands on the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 battle pass prizes has come. The most recent round of weekly tasks arrives only a few weeks before the end of the current season.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for gamers to slog it out and acquire the remaining goodies before they disappear forever into the vault. This week’s task is for gamers to claim Capture. Because Capture Points are a new addition to the game, many players may be unaware of what they are or how to obtain them. This guide will walk you through each stage of the process.

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Claim Capture Points in Fortnite
Claim Capture Points in Fortnite

Claim Capture Points in Fortnite:

Capture Points are placed at various POIs across the island. Except for Mega City, every single POI is a Capture Point. These POIs are all rather popular, and because they are Capture Points, they will remain so for the foreseeable future. It actually doesn’t matter which one you select, however the ones on the periphery (Kenjutsu Crossing, Breakwater Bay) should have less traffic. To begin, go to one of them.

When you arrive at a hub, you’ll notice a flag on the mini-map indicating the position of the Capture Point. If a Capture Point flag symbol is completely white, you can claim it. A green checkmark indicates that it has already been claimed. Keep in mind that Capture Points occur at key hubs every game, so you don’t have to rely on chance to find one.

Claiming a Capture Point is as easy as standing in the circle surrounding the flag. Doing so works as it does in other games, wherein a circle will fill in the center of the screen as long as you remain inside the radius. To make your life easier, we recommend bringing a squad along to protect each other as you capture the flag.

The Capture Point is a flag that is normally visible on your map. Head to this specific place since you must stay within a certain range in order to record the location. Because you must stay in there for an extended amount of time, it is best to complete this task in Fortnite Squads, Trios, or even Duos.

The more people there are in the area, the faster it moves. They can also guard you when you are roaming the zone. As long as you remain within the circle, the bar will begin to fill up. With more people, it moves quicker, but you can’t leave the circle. You will have captured this POI after it has filled up and the flag has ascended all the way to the top of the pole.

It not only rewards you with excellent treasure, but it also qualifies for this challenge. Fortnite players are challenged to complete this five times. As a result, you must repeat all of the preceding procedures four times more. This will most likely take five matches because claiming two or more Capture Points in a single match is difficult.

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