Collect Part 2 Hex Token Fortnite (All Locations) – Unlock Wrap – Complete Vikora Level Up

Collect Part 2 Hex Token Fortnite (All Locations) – Unlock Wrap – Complete Vikora Level Up – The massively popular battle royale game Fortnite is renown for its thrilling and constantly changing challenges and events that keep players interested and coming back for more. The Part 2 Hex Token collection is one such occasion, where participants hunt for hidden tokens on the map to find a special wrap. In this article, we’ll show players where to find each Part 2 Hex Token location. Also, offer advice on how to finish the Vikrora Level Up Quests so they may get this special reward.

Collect Part 2 Hex Token Fortnite
Collect Part 2 Hex Token Fortnite

Collect Part 2 Hex Token Fortnite (All Locations) – Unlock Wrap – Complete Vikora Level Up

Gamers can embark on an exciting treasure hunt to find a number of hidden tokens strewn throughout the landscape as part of Fortnite‘s Part 2 Hex Token event. Players must find and interact with the elaborately crafted hexagonal tokens in order to add them to their collection.

Where to find the Part 2 Hex Tokens

  • Pleasant Park: On the park’s southernmost limb, close to a tree along the fence.
  • The token can be found close to a pile of wooden pallets in Salty Towers’ eastern section.
  • Craggy Cliffs: The token is adjacent to the fishing site, perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean.
  • The token is located close to a little wooden bridge in the centre of Weeping Woods.
  • Holly Hedges: Near the gazebo in the centre of Holly Hedges, look for the token.
  • Gamers can find the token by a stack of tyres next to the stores in Retail Row.
  • Dirty Docks: The token can be found on a metal platform in the area designated for containers in Dirty Docks.
  • The token may be found on the eastern side of Slurpy Swamp, close to a truck.
  • Gamers can find the token by a collapsed wall in Misty Meadows, close to the great clock tower.
  • Lazy Lake: The token will be close to a set of seats on the central island of Lazy Lake.

Getting Past the Exclusive Wrap

Gamers that successfully gather all ten Part 2 Hex Tokens will be rewarding with the special wrap. The wrap is a beautiful addition to players’ cosmetic collections because of its complicated hexagonal designs and gorgeous colours.

Completing Vikrora Level-Up Qests

Gamers can take on Vikrora Level Up Quests in addition to collecting the Part 2 Hex Tokens to further improve their game experience. A mythical character named Vikrora gives a number of adventures that involve discovering new places, overcoming obstacles, and learning more about the mysterious Vikrora.

Guidelines for Finishing Vikrora Level-Up Quests

  • Gamers can converse and form teams to take on these difficulties together because some Vikrora Level Up Quests may call for teamwork.
  • Visiting New Places: Vikrora Level Up Quests may send players to previously unvisited parts of the map. Take advantage of the chance to explore new areas and learn about untold mysteries.
  • Observing Clues: Some quests may have cryptic indications that reveal how to complete them. To interpret these cues, remain vigilant and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Utilising In-Game resources: To explore effectively and finish tasks with ease, use in-game resources like the map and compass.
  • Persistence and Flexibility: Some Vikrora quests may be difficult, necessitating perseverance and flexibility in approach. Reversals shouldn’t discourage you, and you should always be preparing to change course if necessary.


Gamers have an exciting chance to explore the area, find hidden tokens, and earn a special wrap as a prize during Fortnite’s Part 2 Hex Token collection event. The Vikrora Level Up Quests allow players to further immerse themselves in the magical plot of the game and unearth well-kept secrets. So, arm yourself, start this exhilarating treasure hunt, and get ready to win your special prize and elevate your Fortnite experience. Happy searching!

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