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Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes


Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes: The following article is about Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes. To learn more, see this article in Official Panda.

Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes
Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes

Although Frontier Developments is withholding information about objects that have been censored, the studio expects that gamers will enjoy the air of mystery that permeates Elite: Dangerous. Updates to Thargoid retreat behaviour, new evacuation missions, and bug fixes for server crashes, crime scan cheating, bark mound locations, and POI spawning are among the highlights of this version. With Brookes Galactic Tours, which players can access through travel beacons, Update 16 honours former executive producer Michael Brookes.

Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes

The massively multiplayer online space trading and warfare simulator Elite Dangerous has received a significant upgrade called version 16 that adds new features and corrects flaws. However, users have noticed crashes in the game while utilising the Hyperspace Wake Scanner and when entering specific star systems. These issues are fixed in the update, which also enhances gamers’ overall experience. The updated features include enhanced star systems, enhanced navigation, and enhanced Hyperspace Wake Scanner performance.

Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes Bug Fixes

  • Fix for crash locations that don’t always contain the task item correctly.
  • Fix for POIs occurring on uncharted planets when they shouldn’t
  • Right!? A patch has been put in place to deal with the issue of Bark Mounds being falsely identified by the DSS as present at a site when they are not.
  • Fix for the white emissives and the Thargoid Interceptor’s exhausted hearts that aren’t burning anymore
  • When the owner Commander checks in after walking, SRVs that have been deployed and aren’t going back to their original placements need to be fixed.
  • Rebuild the asteroids’ interior craters after mining deposit fragments were added to them. Continue your research! on this specific occasion
  • It is possible to fix the Gunner Role’s inability to employ the Shutdown Field Neutralizer or the TG Pulse Neutralizer.
  • Now the notebook accurately records Thargoid Interceptors.
  • Revision for the Player Journal’s inconsistent Thargoid kill tracking
  • Fix for planetary ring visual artefacts
  • Thargoid fires inside buildings are put out When venting using the Atmospheric Control Panel, occupie settlements are not extinguish.
  • In addition to their current ship, players can now pay the release fees for additional detained ships.
  • Players who are really far away are fix using the Stuck Recovery button.
  • Large Habitat buildings in tourist areas have a fix that ignores states and prevents repair missions from being successful.
  • Changing the inaccurate categorization of Chargaff Installation as an outpost and not a starport.
  • Correction Trevithick Vision was originally describe as an outpost, not a starport.
  • Until the remaining Caustic in the module is purg, ammunition for the Caustic Sink Launcher cannot replenish.

Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes New Feature

New passenger evacuation missions have add, allowing wealthy passengers to request expedited evacuation from Thargoids-affected locations for additional credits. Thargoids will retreat from any system when their hold is defeat, unlike in previous Invasion systems. In honor of Michael Brookes, Brookes Galactic Tours has add to the game, featuring their new megaship, The Legacy, located in Artemis near Freeholm. The company also has a mini-series of tourist beacons to various locations, starting at the Freeholm beacon. The game aims to provide a unique experience for players to explore and appreciate the wonders that Mike brought to the Elite universe.

Transport missions to ports impacted by the Thargoid War no longer ask for non-essential goods. In order to continue the objective without locating a second electricity Regulator, you must connect after restoring electricity to a Thargoid-occupied town during the assignment. When you join back in, the settlement will no longer return to the offline condition.

Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes General Fixes

  • The alerts UI model has adjust for VR, which improves the rendering of this element.
  • The missing graphics have add to the Scorpion SRV missile model.
  • A number of issues with the application of gradients on particular paintjobs were uncover and fix, smoothing them out and improving quality.
  • A fixed mirrored decal on the underside of the Fer De Lance.
  • Several visual issues for the Anaconda were address using paint treatments.
  • The schematic model for the subsurface mining missile has update and is now visible.
  • Support for various consoles put into an offline mode for desert towns has added.
  • Because the collision mesh has adjust, you can no longer fly through the wrecked Beluga.

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