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Aliens Dark Descent Update 1.05 Patch Notes


Aliens Dark Descent Update 1.05: Aliens: Dark Descent is a real-time strategy video game released by Focus Entertainment and developed by Tindalos Interactive in partnership with Disney’s 20th Century Games.

The game, set in the Alien world, was published on June 20, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment’s Aliens: Dark Descent is a squad-based tactical RTS. In a semi-open world structure, players must command a team of Colonial Marines as they explore a variety of dark and Xeno-infested areas.

Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment are pleased to announce the release of Aliens: Dark Descent, a strategic, real-time, squad-based, tactical action game rooted on the legendary Alien world, in collaboration with 20th Century Games. Dark Descent revolves around two primary characters: Maeko Hayes, the Deputy Administrator aboard Pioneer Station, which oversees commerce in and out of Lethe, and Jonas Harper, a USCM Sergeant aboard the USS Otago who is a Lethe native.

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Aliens Dark Descent Update 1.04
Aliens Dark Descent Update 1.05

Aliens Dark Descent Update 1.05:

A security was added to prevent players from initiating the ARC tutorial while in the, Command Room narrative sequence in Dead Hills (Mission 1), resulting in a blocker. Amputated marines are no longer shown on the Mission Report; instead, a notice informing the marines that they are in the medbay is added. Improvement to a prior workaround that allowed players stranded at the conclusion of Pryce of Deception (Mission 10) to unlock Olduvai (Mission 11).

Using the skill Incineration within the ARC/APC will prevent the squad from being extracted and moved. Fix a problem that occurred when a marine dropped through the earth, the game destroyed it, and the user clicked on the marine’s card. Many potential stumbling blocks have been removed. Smart Ass is no longer a characteristic that may be suggested to the Tecker class. It is no longer possible to avert a blocker by spamming the RB/R1 gamepad button during the first portion of the Sector Map lesson in Dead Hills (Mission 1).

Performance enhancement while targeting with a talent. Before opening the Psychiatric Care Unit, it is no longer accessible. In order to avoid a blockage during the First Deployment Tutorial between the Prologue and Dead Hills (Mission 1), a security was included. To circumvent blockers in Harper’s Hell (Mission 3), the squad will now be transported inside the defence room. To bypass the blocker in Dead Hills (Mission 1), you cannot remove during the Crusher reveal. Repair any performance issues caused by the drone.

Bug fixes:

Being in the choice menu continued to contribute towards the mission length statistic. The lift that connects the Refinery (Mission 3). Olduvai (Mission 11) will always be on the floor where the squad is. Repair a broken cover in the Basement -2 of Olduvai (Mission 11). When you spam the verified button during the marine attribute selection, the marine’s animation will no longer loop.

Increase the font size of the ‘Stubborn’ label to make it more visible while it is active. If the door is demolished, the shelter icon will be removed. After they detonate, “Overloaded Deployable Motion Tracker” can no longer be interacted with. Loading a save inside a trigger box no longer activates all of the map’s events. When “big” xenomorphs were killed by explosives, their ragdoll was reduced. Pressing “Confirm” several times to detach marines will no longer display the UI message.

Through the Fog of War, you can no longer engage with survivors. At the end of the conversation, the C4 now appears appropriately on the barrier. When the active pause button is pressed or removed, try to correct the Recon cloth movement. The Drone can no longer weld from its current position, but it will reach the door first. Welding on the Drone now has the right VFX. Drone orders may now be cancelled using the Stop order. The Codex UI has been tweaked to improve navigation.

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