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PC Building Simulator 2 Patch Notes 1.6 Update


PC Building Simulator 2 Patch Notes 1.6 – Tech aficionados and gamers alike frequently play PC Building Simulator 2. Which lets users develop and run a fictitious PC repair and building firm. The much-awaited Patch 1.6 has arrived, bringing with it a host of intriguing new features, gameplay enhancements, and improved building experiences. These patch notes will walk you through the most recent upgrades and how they will improve your virtual PC-building experience. Whether you are an experienced PC builder or a novice to the world of technology.

PC Building Simulator 2 Patch Notes 1.5 Update
PC Building Simulator 2 Patch Notes 1.6 Update

PC Building Simulator 2 Patch Notes 1.6

With Patch 1.6, there are several brand-new parts and components introduced, giving PC builders more possibilities. Players now have a greater range of gear to build the dream builds of their dreams, from top-tier graphics cards to cutting-edge processors. This includes the most recent components from actual manufacturers, giving the PC-building process an authentic feel.

Loops for Custom Water Cooling

Fans of water cooling can rejoice since custom water-cooling loops are now available in Patch 1.6. Intricate cooling systems may now be designing and built by players to maintain the ideal temperature for their high-performance setups. Create complex configurations, ranging from basic CPU loops to fully customised loops that include numerous radiators and reservoirs for the best cooling.

Enhanced Workshop Design

With Patch 1.6, your PC-building experience will be enhanced overall thanks to the larger workshop layout. Players may now manage numerous builds concurrently, easing the process and maximising efficiency, thanks to more workstations and storage options. Additionally, the new structure offers superior accessibility and organisation, making it simpler to run your PC building and repair corporation.

Achievable Cable Management

The management of cables is a key component of constructing a tidy and effective PC. The game’s patch 1.6 adds a more realistic cable management system that enables players to route and secure cables with more accuracy. Clean up the inside of your constructions, show off your attention to detail. Also, arrange cables in a way that looks good.

In-depth Overclocking

Advanced overclocking options are now available thanks to Patch 1.6 for users who enjoy straining their PC hardware to the maximum. To get more performance out of your components, experiment with raising clock speeds, modifying voltages, and changing fan curves. However, exercise caution because extreme overclocking may result in instability and even hardware damage.

Changes to the Career Mode

In PC Building Simulator 2, Patch 1.6 significantly enhances the Career Mode. Gamers may now handle a wider variety of customer needs, such as sophisticated gaming setups, artistic workstations, and more. Your virtual customers’ artificial intelligence (AI) has been improved to represent their distinct tastes and requirements. Making each build order feel special and difficult.

Custom PC Display

Show off your magnificent creations to the world! In the new custom PC showcase feature introduced in patch 1.6. You can showcase your most remarkable creations to boost your reputation and draw in more clients. Your reputation as a talented PC builder will advance as you finish more builds and garner favourable evaluations, which will attract more lucrative clients and interesting tasks.

Actual Manufacturers Working Together

Collaborations with actual PC hardware producers are included in PC Building Simulator 2 Patch 1.6, bringing their goods right into the game. Utilise famous cases, motherboards, RAM, and power supplies from recognised companies to lend an extra layer of authenticity to your project. The simulation experience for PC aficionados is further enhanced by this collaboration with actual manufacturers.

Enhancements to stability and bug fixes

Patch 1.6 also resolves a number of community-reported issue fixes and stability enhancements. The development team has been diligently working to find solutions to any problems in order to provide a more seamless and pleasurable gaming experience. These modifications should result in improved gameplay overall, improved performance, and fewer issues for players.


The virtual PC-building experience is taken to new heights by PC Building Simulator 2 Patch 1.6. The ability to create gorgeous and effective PC builds with enhanced realism and authenticity is now available to gamers thanks to a variety of new components, unique water-cooling loops, and improved cable management. The improved overclocking possibilities and extended workshop layout make for a more immersive and difficult gaming experience.

Players will also have a satisfying and entertaining experience as they manage their virtual PC repair and building business thanks to the improved Career Mode, custom PC showcase feature, and real-world manufacturer collaborations. Grab your toolbox, don your technician’s cap and get ready to play PC Building Simulator 2 for an exciting PC-building experience.

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