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DBD Update Patch Notes 7.1.1 Update


DBD Update Patch Notes 7.1.1 the following the article DBD Update Patch Notes 7.1.1. To Learn more article see in Official Panda.

DBD Update Patch Notes 7.1.1
DBD Update Patch Notes 7.1.1

Update 7.1.1 for Dead by Daylight is now accessible for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. Updates to the Reactive Healing Perk and bug fixes are included. Players anxiously anticipate the debut of Update 7.1.1, a fresh wave of spine-chilling upgrades and thrilling twists, in the frightening world of Dead by Daylight, where horror legends battle and survivors struggle for survival. An upsurge of enthusiasm spreads across the gaming community, promising game-changing features and improvements, as the fog deepens and the Entity’s hold becomes firm. Join us as we embark on a fascinating trip into the details of Dead by Daylight Update 7.1.1.

DBD Update Patch Notes 7.1.1 Update

Update 7.1.1 seems as a precursor to fear as the Dead by Daylight universe is filled with anticipation and promises a variety of exciting additions. As each was anxious to explore the horrors that lay beneath, whispers amongst killers and survivors spread like wildfire. The Entity’s domain gains a new murderer in Update 7.1.1—a terrifying entity that haunts survivors’ nightmares and fills them with dread. Even the most seasoned survivors will face difficulty dealing with this twisted being’s special skills and blast of horror. As you adjust to this new threat and strengthen your survival instincts, embrace the suddenness of dread.

DBD Update Patch Notes General  Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where the “Inspiration Seeker” and “Lucky Stroll” costumes would play collection music in the menu.
  • Fixed a problem where traps would cut into the ground on the shrimp boat in the Pale Rose map.
  • Fixed a problem where the Demogorgon may climb above collisions in Fractured Cowshed.
  • Fixed a bug on Autohaven Wreckers when Biopods might be positioned out of reach.
  • Fixed a problem when a collision adjacent to a window in Ormond was missing.
  • Fixed a possible HUD crash that may occur when the external Perks were hidden.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between the Bloodpoints spent and those displayed after cancelling the Prestige Level Up in the middle.
  • A problem where the Singularity’s targeting loop SFX would continue to play if stunned while firing a pod or slipstreaming has fix.
  • It was resolved that Nicolas Cage’s voice lines were not cut off at the beginning of a Mori.
  • In the McMillan’s Estate, unseen collisions were fixed.
  • A issue in which a Survivor player may advance in a challenge utilising a Map item without having to equip a Map has fix.
  • The distance calculated from the pallet to the Killer rather than the pallet to the downed Survivor in the “Outplayed” task was inaccurate, and this has correct.
  • Fixed an issue when Survivors slain near The Nightmare’s Dream Pallets were not contributing to the progress of the “Outplayed” challenge.
  • Fixed a problem where the characters in Badham Preschool would clip out of the lockers.
  • The possibility of the nurse becoming trapped on Toba Landing has resolv.
  • The projectile detection on the Eyrie of Crows map was not functioning properly due to a bug.

DBD Update Patch Notes BUG Fixes

  • The animation of survivors who escape through exit gates no longer suddenly stops before the Tally Screen.
  • Knight can rescue Survivors who have fallen. The resolution of missed and failed skill tests on Generators with Overcharge Perks has improve.
  • Next in a chain is initiated by the nurse’s Blink input. It is now impossible to execute Onryo Condemned Mori twice on the same Survivor.
  • When healing from The Plague’s Vile Purge, The Scene Partner Perk’s scream and animation now play at the same time.
  • Survivors in lockers no longer scream as a result of Dramaturgy’s influence, and the Survivor is no longer briefly hampered when Dramaturgy is activated.
  • Items no longer appear during animated interactions while the Dramaturgy Perk is enabled.
  • When crossing in front of Survivors with the Scene Partner Perk during Phase Walking, the Spirit no longer screams.
  • When the Killer is undetectable with Beast of Prey, Scene Partner no longer activates.
  • Survivors with the “Scene Partner” Perk now appropriately scream upon resurrecting themselves in front of the Killer with the “Plot Twist” Perk.
  • Due to a problem, the quick vaults now have the same distance between them and the slow and medium vaults.
  • A problem prevented players from seeing the cosmetics  in their inventory.
  • The “Wax Brick” Trapper’s Add-on’s value has adjust.
  • Survivors no longer become motionless while receiving treatment from others.
  • The Nurse’s Matchbox addition no longer has an impact on the Killer’s carrying speed.
  • The skill tests conducted by The Doctor and The Pig are no longer silent while Hex: Huntress Lullaby is active.

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