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Sunken Treasure Chest New World


Sunken Treasure Chest New World The following article is about the Humble Bundle August 2023 Leak. To learn more, see this article in Official Panda.

Sunken Treasure Chest New World
Sunken Treasure Chest New World

The fishing quest line to capture the “Sunken Treasure Chest” has proven difficult after the recent update. The quest has been upgraded to include new varieties including “Sodden Rubbish” and “Kelp-Covered” and now contains over 200 catches and 10 chests. It’s not apparent if it’s better to carry on with the quest or to hold off until it is changed to “Any Treasure Chest.” It appears that the quest needs to be changed to accept any kind of chest, perhaps as a result of a QA error. Only 10 hours have been spent fishing alone over the past three days, and no treasure chests have been found.

Sunken Treasure Chest New World

I also managed to obtain “Sunken Provisions Chest” and other variations in addition to the primary “Sunken Treasure Chest” for the quest. I’m fishing with virtually all of my gear, using the right bait, and moving from one 3-star hotspot to another. It seems to be quite uncommon currently.

After the most recent update, the fishing quest line to obtain the “Sunken Treasure Chest” has proven challenging. The quest now features more than 200 catches and 10 chests, with additional varieties like “Sodden Rubbish” and “Kelp-Covered” included. It is unclear if it would be wiser to continue the quest or to wait till it was changed to “Any Treasure Chest.”

Over the course of two days, I have been fishing non-stop for over 50 chests variants, but I have not yet found the “Sunken Treasure chest” for the fishing quest. A friend managed to get it in 20-30 casts. On day 3 and a half, I finally got it without gear or bait at the waterfall secret spot in Weaver’s Fen. Unfortunately, the “Sunken Treasure chest” was at a 3 star fishing spot. But the lazy secret fishing spot in Brightwood was always open.

I caught it at nighttime with no buffs, fishing gear, or bait. But I am unsure if I caught one chest early on and opened it. If so, there is hope for a second drop. If I caught one earlier, it was at a 2 star fishing spot, but I cannot remember where exactly. Good luck to those who still need to find it.

On day 8, the user is attempting to fish in both saltwater and freshwater to find a sunken treasure trove. Although they have profited greatly from their work, they are unable to accomplish the goal.

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They were able to finish the mission from the Shattered Mountains 3-star hotspot with fishing gear and freshwater firefly bait after 165 levels of fishing and infinite hotspots. Although the grind was difficult, it did raise the user’s fishing skills to 200. If the player had finished all quests before reaching level 100. They are unsure if they would have finished the task.

Tyco’s Rare Hotspot, a two-star destination in the far west. Situated at Monarch’s Bluff, near to the Werna Isle fast travel shrine and on the pier. At 200-fishing, I caught one on my third cast with the greatest event fishing pole and premium clam bait.

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